Cambridge IELTS 5 Listening test 1 [Easy Download + Answer]


Download Cambridge IELTS 5 listening test 1 with Audio files and Answer with a simple click. 

In Cambridge IELTS 5 listening test 1, you will hear four different recordings, and you have to answer 40 questions from four sections. Where, 

i) Section 1: You will hear a conversation between a travel consultant and a customer. 

ii) Section 2: You will hear a radio program giving parents advice about buying cots for their babies. 

iii) Section 3: You hear a conversation between a student and a student advisor.

iv) Section 4: You will hear a lecture on a certain topic.


Tips to Solve Cambridge IELTS 5 Listening test 1:

1) In the IELTS Speaking test, the recordings will be played only once. So try to answer the questions as you listen. 

2) Use a pencil to write your answers in the answer sheet. 

3) Will have around at least 30 seconds break after completing each section. In this 30 seconds break, try to read and underline the keywords of the next section. 

3) Be careful about your spelling, you will not get any points for wrong spelling.  

4) Read the instructions carefully which are given above each type of questions. 

5) If you miss any answer, just move on to the next question. 

6) Listen carefully about singular and plural words. 

7) Lastly, You can use both small or capital letters to answer the questions. But its better to answer the questions using Capital letters only.


Cambridge IELTS 5 Listening Test 1

Size: 5 mb

Author: Cambridge ESOL 

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