Describe a businessman you admire

Describe a businessman you admire

In the IELTS Speaking Part-2, the examiner will give you a Cue Card Topic to speak for 2 minutes. You will be given one minute for taking notes and brainstorm about the topic. In this article, I’ll discuss some model answers to an IELTS Speaking Part-2 topic called “Describe a businessman you admire”

Cue Card 

Describe a businessman you admire.

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know about this person?
  • What kind of business does he have?

and explain Why do you admire this businessman?

Below I’ve discussed three sample answers and follow-up questions for the Cue card topic “Describe a businessman you admire”.

Sample Answer 1

Well, there are several businessmen in my country and worldwide, like Mukesh Ambani, Jeff Bezos, Ratan Tata, and so on. However, I would like to talk about Jeff Bezos. He is 57 years old and looks very handsome. He was born in the United state and has degrees from Princeton University. He started his company in 1995 which is known as Amazon.

He has a great knowledge of business and a taken Amazon company to new heights. Amazon is now one of the best and largest E-Commerce companies in the world. No doubt, before this, many other eCommerce companies were available, but Jeff Bezos made the thing much better for online shopping. Moreover, he is one of the richest men in the world. He has a net worth of 200 billion US dollars in 2020.

He is well known for his best strategies and way of business management. Moreover, he is also a motivational speaker and always inspires the youth to establish their own business. In addition, he also did lots of Charity. During the covid-19 pandemic, he donated lots of money and provided food to needy people.

He is down to earth person. All in all, I think Jeff Bezos is a successful businessman because of his better business management.

Sample Answer 2

A businessman is the backbone of any country in the y not only plays a big role in the economy but also provides job opportunities to young ones. There are so many famous businessmen like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and many more. But here, I would like to talk about a business person and entrepreneur Elon Musk. He is the founder of a SpaceX company which makes rockets and spacecraft.

I read his biography on the Internet. He is also the CEO of Tesla company which makes electric cars. Due to his hard work and dedication to his work, he became the world’s richest man.

He started learning programming and coding in his childhood. He had a dream of making space travel possible for common people. But space travelling is costly. And to cut down the cost of space travelling, there was only one way possible, which is building a reusable rocket. And Elan mask started building a reusable rocket for SpaceX company. After he is the endless effort he became successful to launch his first reusable rocket into space.

I admire he is an endless effort and despite all his achievements, he is still really humble. He also did lots of Charity. During the covid-19 pandemic, he donated lots of money and provided food to needy people.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are a few follow-up questions which can be asked by the examiner in IELTS Speaking part 3 for the Cue Card topic “describe a businessman you admire”.

1) What do you think is the retirement age for men and women? 

I think maybe 60 is suitable for both men and women. At this age, people are less energetic than they used to be. Apart from that, their physical conditions may fail to keep up with the routine workload. Of course, it is more reasonable if the retirement age can be decided based on different jobs. For example, people whose jobs involve a lot of physical labour can retire earlier. 

2) What kinds of quality do people need to run their own business?

When running their business people must be honest and responsible to win the trust and loyalty of their customers. What’s more, they should possess essential management skills so that their staff can achieve the goals. Last but not the list business owners are creative and ambitious to get ahead in such a competitive world.

3) What do you think are the key factors that contribute to the success of a businessman?

I think there are several key factors. First of all creative and innovative business ideas will attract many customers and keep them exclusive experience. In this way, the business can have a fixed amount of customers. Secondary smart marketing and sales strategies can enlarge the influence of the business. In addition, a successful business also depends on its hard-working faithful and persistent staff.

4) If you had the opportunity to have your own business what business would it be? Why?

I would probably run a music club where music lovers can share their experiences, joy and happiness brought by music and pursue their dreams. When I was a teenager I used to join a famous guitar club in Sylhet and during my stay there I was motivated and inspired by many excellent guitar players. If possible I am reading to help young people learn music. That is the main reason why I would like to own a music club.

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