Describe a course that impressed you a lot

Describe a course that impressed you a lot

In the IELTS Speaking Part-2, the examiner will give you a Cue Card Topic to speak for 2 minutes. You will be given one minute for taking notes and brainstorm about the topic. In this article, I’ll discuss some model answers to an IELTS Speaking Part-2 topic called “Describe a course that impressed you a lot”

Cue Card

Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

  • What the course was about? 
  • Where did you take the course? 
  • What did you do during the course?

and explain why it impressed you a lot.

Below I’ve discussed three sample answers and follow up questions for the Cue card topic “Describe a course that impressed you a lot”.

Sample answer 1

Well, I have learnt many courses in my life. Among them, some courses help me to get a better result in my academic level and also there are courses which helped me to become a skilful person. 

However today I am going to talk about that course which impressed me a lot. Recently I took a cooking course. As I had taken interest in cooking but I want to learn professionally. After seeing my interest in cooking my parents suggested me to join cooking classes. 

I was admitted to a cooking course In a reputed cooking institute in my hometown. I was very nervous because of less knowledge about cooking. I met with Mr Sunny who was my instructor for cooking classes. Firstly he told me briefly about the full course, After that he started my training with traditional dishes.

While learning this course, I cooked lots of dishes like butter masala, gravy chicken, cake, and so on. Apart from this, he also recommended his YouTube channel for getting recipes. Whenever I had free time, I used to get help with recipes from his channel. The main reason why it impressed me a lot was that its way of teaching was admirable and I got my perfection in all kinds of dishes in a few months. 

Sample answer 2

Well, to learn new skills people often attend some short term courses and I too have attended many of these but here I would like to talk about one which impressed me the most and it was a two weeks cookery course that I attended last year. 

Cooking is an essential skill to possess for all, regardless of gender and age, so to be able to cook food I decided to join this course at an institute in my city. I got impressed by the leaflet I found in the newspaper which stated, become an expert cook in 10 days. Since I wanted to try my luck in cooking so without thinking much I joined. There were around 10 others in the group, and we all were agemates, so I started to enjoy it from day 1.

The trainer got us familiar with some of the most common ingredients and taught us the basics. The course was well planned and structured in that we learn cooking Indian curries, snacks, desserts and some international food items. We also learnt some kitchen hacks and some instant recipes to prepare food in no time. I was impressed with the way our trainer taught us and his friendly behaviour because of which we could enjoy the lessons. 

Today, I can prepare food for myself and my family especially when my mother is not well. Additionally, I am planning to move abroad for my higher studies and the scale is going to be beneficial in long run. The credit goes to the short course I joined and I would definitely recommend others to join this interesting course. 

Sample Answer 3

Well, last Summer I was free for 2 months. My father told me that there is an NGO which is going to organise a free Physiotherapy camp for one month. and they were also offering admission to the Physiotherapy certificate course for one month. 

I have always been interested in health and fitness. As soon as I heard about the course, I decided to join it. During the course, I learn about different muscles and bones in the human body. I came to know very interesting and amazing things about the working of the human body. 

In the practice session, I learned different exercises and yoga poses to reduce stiffness and pain in the body. They also taught us about different acupressure points present in hand, by pressing them, we can get rid of many diseases.

It was a very nice experience to explore health knowledge. after finishing the course I came back home and I told to my grandmother to do some exercise because she had back pain. within 3 days almost 90% of our back pain disappeared. I was very impressed to see the magic of physiotherapy. now I always advise people to exercise because it heals ask without medicines.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are a few follow-up questions which can be asked by the examiner in IELTS Speaking part 3 for the Cue Card topic “Describe a course that impressed you a lot”.

1) Why do some people have a better memory? 

Well, There are mainly two reasons that are why some multitudes have a better memory. Firstly, this can be due to genetics. Some people are just born with better memory. Secondly, A individual can improve his memory by doing regular practice. For example, if you are skilled in a particular thing then you can improve your memory about this thing by doing regular exercises.

2) Which can help people remember things better, words or photos?

I think that images are much better and more helpful for an individual to remember things as compared to words. because they are brain stop the recall image much more easily. And it is also scientifically proven that a person can remember things easily if he was taught something using Visual elements rather than using text. 

3) Can Technology help people remember things? How? 

I do not think that Technology helps people remember things better. in fact, relying on technology means we do not need to remember very much. we can just set reminders on our smartphone for everything and you get an alert when it’s time to do it. Also, the internet has made information about any topic really available to us. So we do not feel the need to remember information that can be easily found through search engines like Google. 

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