Describe a rule that you don’t like

Describe a rule that you don’t like

In the IELTS Speaking Part-2, the examiner will give you a Cue Card Topic to speak for 2 minutes. You will be given one minute for taking notes and brainstorm about the topic. In this article, I’ll discuss some model answers to an IELTS Speaking Part-2 topic called “Describe a rule that you don’t like”

Cue Card

Describe a rule that you don’t like

You should say: 

  • What are the rules? 
  • Why you do not like it? 
  • How did others feel about these rules? 

And explain whether you have followed the rules.

Below I’ve discussed three sample answers and follow-up questions for the Cue card topic “Describe a rule that you don’t like”.

Sample Answer 1: 

Well, I believe that rules are made for the betterment of society but there are some sets of rules which I do not like. today I would like to talk about one of those rules which irritates me but still for my safety and for the safety of others I followed that rules. 

As it is obvious that Coronavirus cases are on the rise, wearing masks and keeping 6 feet distance from each other is mandatory for each and every individual not only in my country but in the whole world. Although it is beneficial for everyone still I don’t like this rule because wearing a mask all the time whenever we go out is not comfortable and it irritates me which is the main reason why I don’t like this rule. Apart from this as I am an extrovert person so whenever I try to communicate with others it becomes hard for me to communicate properly because when the mask is on then we can’t see the facial gestures of the other person which is crucial to start any conversation.

I think everyone can relate to this because I have seen almost all the people facing the same problems as I am. Because of all of these reasons I can never deny the fact that during this Corona pandemic the rule of wearing a mask and maintaining 6 feet distance is saving lives. And if I do not like this rule that doesn’t mean I do not follow this rule. Hence wearing a mask is the rule which I do not like.

Sample Answer 2: 

No doubt, rules and regulations play an important part to create a peaceful society. This is only possible if we all follow rules. Everything works perfectly with rules whether it is country or any workplace. The first place where a person has to follow rules is school then college. Every school and college has many rules which are set for both staff and students. Here I would like to talk about a rule which I don’t like. 

It is about giving lots of homework to students. In Bangladesh, the majority of the schools of colleges give too much homework to learners which put an extra burden on students. I don’t like the rule because it reduces students’ free time which they may spend doing some extra activities. 

Main students and I are against this rule. I have always followed this rule, otherwise, there is a 50 taka fine per subject. Fortunately, I haven’t broken that will because I always try to maintain discipline. So this is the rule which I don’t like.

Sample Answer 3: 

To effectively run a system rules are most important. Being a law-abiding citizen, I like most rules. However, there is one which I dislike. I am a student, and in my college, there is a rule that students can’t carry their mobile phones during college trips. The college authority opines that mobile phones are a distraction for the students. And using them during trips is an imprudent approach because it restricts them to focus on trips. 

I do not like this rule, because in this modern era mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. in the absence of cell phones, students feel deprived of real fun.

Students of the contemporary epoch thrive primarily on their mobile phones to capture memorial moments as selfies and pictures. And banning the phones on trips takes away this fun from them. Moreover, parents remain worried about their kids. Because when students go on trips, parents feel safe by contacting their children at regular intervals. 

Furthermore, sometimes college takes us on an educational tour. during that time phone helps to capture valuable information by clicking pictures. My classmates also express arguments with my concern. they also feel that allowing the use of mobile phones during periods is a prudent approach. 

Being a disciplined person, I do not have the habit of breaking rules. although I have challenged this rule many times by writing against it, I have never broken it. 

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow-up Questions

Here are a few follow-up questions which can be asked by the examiner in IELTS Speaking part 3 for the Cue Card topic “Describe a rule that you don’t like”.

1) Why do schools make rules? 

Schools make roles to make the children study with determination, dedication and discipline. there is no denying this conviction that an organised individual can lead his life towards impressive growth. 

2) Is it a good thing to break rules sometime?

Honestly speaking I do not think it is a good idea to break rules as it is a fact that rules are made for the betterment of society. But yes in some cases, like emergencies, for example, to save someone’s life we can break some minor rules, then I think it’s fine.

3) Do you think it is necessary for children to wear School uniforms?

Yes, of course. I do believe that wearing School uniforms is very crucial. If students are allowed to wear whatever they can in the school then it will have many detrimental effects. For example, if there is a which came in the school then definitely he will wear branded clothes. On the other hand, children from poor families will have to wear simple clothes. So I think it me have bad consequences. So having a proper dress code for school-going kids is necessary.

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