Cambridge Reading Test

Cambridge Reading Test

Why Cambridge Reading Test?

For IELTS candidates, these reading tests are the best to start your IELTS Reading practice. As you may know, Cambridge releases one book almost every year for IELTS students to practice, and these books contain the most realistic IELTS practice tests. Here, you can easily download the Cambridge Reading test also you will be able to check your IELTS reading band score after completing each reading test.

About Cambridge Reading Test

In IELTS examination, You will get 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. There will be 3 passages. These will be authentic and academic in nature but are written for a non-specialist audience. These are similar types of passages you will find in newspapers or magazines. The passages may contain illustrations. If the passage contains any technical term, a simple description will be provided with it. Each passage will contain around 12 to 14 questions. Remember that, you will not have any extra time to transfer your answer to the answer sheet.

Download Cambridge Reading Test

Practice 1

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-1)

Practice 2

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-2)

Practice 3

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-3)

Practice 4

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-4)

Practice 5

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-1)

Practice 6

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-2)

Practice 7

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-3)

Practice 8

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-4)

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