Cambridge Listening Test

Cambridge Listening Test

Why Cambridge Listening Test ?

For IELTS Candidates, Cambridge Listening tests are the best to start your IELTS Listening practice. As you may know, Cambridge releases one book almost every year for IELTS students to practice, and these books contain the most relevant IELTS practice tests. Here, you can easily download the Cambridge Listening test with audio files also you will be able to check your IELTS listening band score after completing each listening test. 

About Cambridge Listening Test

In IELTS examination, a candidate is given around 30 minutes to answer 40 questions. There are four sections in the listening test where Section 1 and 2 are based on social context and section 3 and 4 are based on academic context. You will hear the conversational text in section 1 and 3, on the other hand, section 2 and 4 will be a monologue. You will hear the recording only once. So you should answer the question as you listen. In the end, you will have extra 10 minutes to transfer your answer to the answer sheet.

Download Cambridge Listening Test

Practice 1

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-1)

Practice 2

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test: 2)

Practice 3

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-3)

Practice 4

Cambridge Book: 5 (Test-4)

Practice 5

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-1)

Practice 6

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-2)

Practice 7

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-3)

Practice 8

Cambridge Book: 6 (Test-4)

Practice 9

Cambridge Book: 7 (Test-1)

Practice 10

Cambridge Book: 7 (Test-2)

Practice 11

Cambridge Book: 7 (Test-3)

Practice 12

Cambridge Book: 7 (Test-4)

Practice 13

Coming Soon...

Practice 14

Coming Soon...

Practice 15

Coming Soon...

Practice 16

Coming Soon...

Practice 17

Coming Soon...

Practice 18

Coming Soon...

Practice 19

Coming Soon...

Practice 20

Coming Soon...

Practice 21

Coming Soon...

Practice 22

Coming Soon...

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