IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Question

IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Question- Fastest Way

In IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Question is the most common type of question you will face on both Academic and General reading examination.  You can solve the question quite easily if you follow some strategy. 

In this article, we will discuss: 

  • The question structure 
  • Some important tips 
  • What skills you need to develop
  • Strategy for solving the question 


IELTS Reading– Multiple Choice Question Structure 

In this question type, you will be given an incomplete statement with a list of possible ending sentences. Your task is to choose the right option(s) for the list. 

You may face around 3 types to Multiple Choice Question, and may be asked to choose: 

  • One answer from alternatives A-D
  • Two answers from alternatives A-E
  • Three answers from alternatives A-G

Take a look at the example to get a better understanding:

IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Question


Important Tips for IELTS Reading- Multiple Choice Questions 

  • Remember, The questions will come in order. 
  • Read the questions first and underline keywords. 
  • Try to find out the synonyms of the keywords.
  • Don’t read the full text, skim the text to understand the general meaning.
  • Try to locate the underlined keywords while skimming the text. 
  • Predict the answer without looking at the options. 
  • Use the elimination process. 
  • If you are unable to locate the information, just try to guess the correct answer but don’t leave it blank. 



What are the skills you need to develop 

With the use of multiple-choice questions in IELTS Reading, they test your reading skills also try to find how well you can understand the main idea of the text. 

So, having some skills will certainly help you to solve the questions. 

  • Quickly locating keywords using skimming and scanning. 
  • You may find similar keywords in the text with distractors. So, you need to understand the meaning. 

For example: if you are trying to find a keyword “Computer Skills” in the text. You may find statements like: 

  • Every employee has computer skills. 
  • Most of the employee has computer skills.

Here, these two statements have completely different meanings. They used “Evey” andMost” as distractors.


5-Step Strategy for Solving Multiple Choice Questions

There are several other strategies among them I found it most effective. Try to follow the steps as instructed to get a better result. 

Step-1: Read the Questions and Underline Keyword

Most of the students start reading the text without even looking at the questions. If you read the question first and underline the keywords then it becomes more effective to locate the information, most of all, you have an idea about what to look for in the passage.   

Step-2: Skim the passage and locate the keyword

After reading the question, you need to locate the information in the passage based on the keyword. You may find more than one similar keywords in the passage, also they may use synonyms and paraphrasing. So understanding the general meaning is also important.

Step-3: Predict the Answer 

Try to predict the answer without looking at the options. This will help you narrow down the options. 

Step-4: Read the options 

Read the options and try to find if there is anything mentioned, which may be similar to your prediction. If you find something similar then read the passage again and to confirm your answer. If nothing matches your prediction then go to the next step.

 Step-5: Using the elimination process

Using the elimination process will help you to find the correct answer. Eliminate options one by one by matching them with the passage. At last, you will get your answer.


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