IELTS Writing task 2 (Agree / Disagree Opinion Essay)

In some countries, an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. It is therefore necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




The growth of the fast-food industry has, without doubt, impacted on the eating habits and the health of many societies around the world. Diabetes, high cholesterol, heart, and respiratory problems are all on the rise due to fatty and sugar-rich food. However, the question is whether the higher tax would improve this situation or not. 

From an economic point of view, the higher tax might seem sensible. In countries, such as the USA, Australia, and Britain, the healthcare system spends a large amount of its budget on people with diet-related health problems. It could be argued that these people have caused their own illness because of their choice of food. In this case, why should they expect the state to pay for their treatment? The tax could help fund the healthcare system. 

However, we also need to consider which socio-economic group consumes fast-food as the main part of their diet. Statistics indicate that lower-income groups eat more of this food than wealthier people. One possible reason for this is that fast food is far cheaper than fresh produce. This is because many governments offer large subsidies to farmers who provide products for the fast-food industries. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are non subsidized. Research suggests that many families cannot afford to buy healthy food or pay higher taxes on fast-food. For them, fast-food is not a choice but a necessity. 

In conclusion, imposing a higher tax on fast food does not seem to be the answer. If the government chose to do this, it would only lead to greater poverty and families facing further hardship.


267 words

Source: The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic and General Training.


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  1. Nowadays, there is an alarming rate of obesity that results from consuming overwhelming fast food and some suggested that this type of food should be sold with a higher tax. While this may seem like a straightforward solution, I believe that it won’t solve the problem completely.
    It is true that a higher tax imposed on fast food would lead to a considerable reduction in its consumption. This is mainly because of its price, in some places, the citizens usually have an exceeding fast food intake since it may be noticeably cheaper than other types of healthy food. One particular example of this matter would be America, a place where fast food is much more affordable than vegetables, thus, ranks among one of the countries that have the biggest rate of obesity in the whole world. It is, therefore, reasonable that the government increase the price of fast food so as to lower people’s consumption.
    On the other hand, a higher tax can perhaps lead to poverty and hunger. This is most likely to occur in some low-income communities. For these people, fast food could be their necessity as they cannot afford to buy and consume a considerable amount of vegetables, fruits, and other kinds of healthy food. It is, doubtlessly, that a number of families wouldn’t be able to pay for higher tax and they may find themselves having difficulties finding what to eat. Currently, in America, homelessness is a common problem in big cities and these people can only rely on fast food, which might cause a huge, serious problem if this law is to be enacted right here in this country.
    To conclude, although imposing a higher tax on this food may result in some relatively positive results for this matter, in the long term, it shouldn’t be the ultimate solution. It is better that the government and the authorities find an alternative that is both more effective and practical.

  2. In contemporary era, certain number of adherents debates that middle schools ought to employ shorter duration on by gone topics for instance history and must utilize additional hours on lecturing speaking skills along with that trade subjects. Even though learning about ancient times is preponderant to some extent, enhancing theoretical knowledge aligned to managing businesses as well as improving soft skills contributes more in the career development of graduates.

    Commencing with the most prominent reason, it is advised that students should be aware about the nations historical achievements; however, there is no further implementation of that knowledge in the current century. This can be evidenced by a fact, majority of government examinations are either conducted on the basis of current affairs or general knowledge without any traditional questionnaire. Having said that, this reflects reading history books would only be beneficial for self guidance, therefore graduates have reason to further concentrate on subjects related to expertise and management rather than traditional significance together with facts.

    Apart from this, in this emerging world, multifarious multinational companies demands for vigorous conveying skills along with certain education about running a business. Numerous people are not offered their desired jobs without these skill sets, despite having profound academic success.
    For instance, bigger firms hunt for potential soft and hard skills in an applicant’s resume which is suitable for doing the job, in spite of excellent grades scored during secondary or high school.

    To sum this up, I strongly believe, learning extra curriculum courses such as business management and communication not only develops children future but also it aids in gaining confidence as well as built up attitude to be able to express themselves in front of the society. Therefore, although children could still learn about the country’s historical successes from their parents, teaching subjects correlated to talent and expertise should be mandatory in all learning institutions.

  3. Changing lifestyles across the globe have, by enlarge changed the food preferences of people. Due to tight work schedules majority of the population in some countries prefers to eat something on the go. This trend has sparked an argument about increasing the tax rates on the fast food items as, they have detrimental effects on the body of the consumer. I, however sligtly disagree with this argument.

    Imposing higher tax rates on the fast food items will be an inefficient way of tackle this issue. Firstly, it will increase the financial burden on a huge chunk of population who tends to eat fast food on certain special occasions. Secondly, it has been observed that imposing higher tariff’s does not refrain people from consuming what they desire. For example, governments in many countries have imposed huge taxes on ciggirates and alcohal, however their consumption or sale have shown no signs of decreasing. Therefore, increasing duties will not be an effective way to discourage people from consuming fast food products.

    Despite of this, imposing high taxes might create a small bridge between the people and the fast food products as increased consumption will have an impact on their pocket. This might be helpful in restricting the frequency of having fast food items, if not completely stopping it. Also, this might encourage fast food restaurants to introduce healthier food alternatives which will not result in health problems for their customers. In addition, increasing tax rates will also have a symbolic effect on the behaviour of the consumers, as a result of which they might re-evaluate their food preferences.

    To conclude, increasing fast food consumption by people in various countries has been a cause of worry for the authorities. Imposing higher tax rates might decrease the frequency of consumption, but it is not the complete solution to change food habits of the consumers.

  4. What are the problems caused by lack of sleep. What can be done about lack of sleep?

    Getting inadequate sleep is an issue faced by many people today, and there are plethoras of reasons for that. A human being requires at least 8-9 hours of proper sleep to be functionally active at the workplace according to normal body physiology. Not having an enough sleep might affect the next day, and if the same cycle continues, the person may end with a sleep deprivation disorder. This essay will sled a light on the issues faced with no proper sleep, and at an individual level what can be the solution for this.

    Firstly, sleep hours are directly proportional to the activeness at work, and if sleep gets affected, then inevitably the performance level at work reduces. An individual who did get enough sleep might get up agitated or lost the next day, and to compensate he may sleep during the day hours. The concentration and focus at the work reduces, and the work stress increases which progresses to developing anxiety at a later stage. For instance, A person at job may find difficulties in meeting the deadline due to lack of sleep, and he may end up piling up the work leading to more tensions.

    Additionally, apart from a mental breakdown, sleep deprivation has an impact physically too. A body with little sleep may be physically tired and weak with not having an interest to get going. Moreover, according to the sleep researchers, most of our organ functions efficiently during the time spent sleeping and reducing this time might affect these bodily functions. For example, A sleep deprived person may eventually suffer an abdominal bloating or gastric issues if the same practice continues, as the efficiency of the bowel function reduces.

    To keep our body and in life in the track, a proper sleep schedule is vital, and it is an individual’s call. A healthy and balance diet is the paramount is carrying out our day to day activities properly, and along with that a bit of physical activity is required. Reducing the workload,and spending quality time around people can be another factor which can keep a person happy from mind, and this in turn, will affect the amount of sleep he gets. Further, an individual can monitor his sleep by installing sleep recording apps which provides feedback on the sleeping time, and can give a reminder on a daily basis to get to bed on time.

    To sum up, deprived sleep affects an individual mentally and physically by reducing work performance, and compromising the bodily functions. A blend of proper diet, physical exercise and quality time spent socially is required to combat this. Maybe we do not face any issues now, but eventually we will up dealing major health properly if we do not allot proper hours to sleep.

  5. Health issues due to different types of delicious fast food is a common phenomenon these days. People from around the world addicted to this food habit and the end result is number of diseases. Again, this attractive food items only accessible for moderate to high income generating people as because of its high price poor people can not afford those. That’s why I agree with this statement of increasing higher tax on such food products.
    Globalization eradicated boundaries in between countries and such advantages comes along with few cons too. Fast food, once which was considered a eating habit of western and rich people, now available all over the world and different chain shop likes mc dolands, kfc etc operating in a number of countries. These products are delicious to eat. However, the major concern is about the ingredients used to prepare such cuisine is responsible for several health-related problems when intake in large amount on daily basis. Due to over-eating of such subsistence obesity, cardio-vascular problem, kidney failure is very common among mass people in a number of regions.
    Although these products are readily available or easy to eat without any hassle compare to cooking these types of food items gradually create an addiction toward them, sometimes people can’t resist himself from eating those. Also already mentioned above fast food only eaten by middle to rich class people, so the decision of reinforcing tax is very practical, on the contrary not only tax imposition will solve this problem as because money is not problem for high society. Thereafter, awareness against eating too much fast-food ought to be made so that people may realize the depth of the situation.
    In the end a healthy countryman is an asset for a country. So apparently it may seemed that increasing tax on such food items is a burden for people but in the long run this step will save them from a number health related issues.

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