IELTS Writing task 2 (Causes and Solution Essay)

Some people get into debt by buying things they don’t need and can’t afford. 

What are the reasons for this behaviour?

What action can be taken to prevent people from having this problem? 


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




Nowadays we are living in a society based on consuming. Without even thinking about monthly income, peoples try to live a high-quality lifestyle which is beyond their income level. As a result; some people have problems in dealing with this budget, and they get into debt by buying things they don’t need and can’t afford. 

This kind of behaviour is encountered quite often in our present days, mainly because of the possibility of buying goods in leasing. Hence, people buy most of the goods using the credit card without having a clear idea of how much money they possess or they owe. Also, another cause of this behaviour could be psychological. The advertisement and subliminal messages one encounters on a regular day in a big city have an enormous impact on one’s brain. The main problem is that lack of awareness of the serious effects that advertisement can have on people.  

In order to prevent people from adopting this dangerous behaviour, measures should be taken to raise awareness among people. Also, one must learn how to manage his budget in order to get a balance between necessity and pleasure. Keeping a record on income and monthly spendings would be very helpful and would give to the consumer an overall image on how his budget should be spent. 

All summed up, the chances of becoming a victim of the consumer’s society are high nowadays due to the surrounding temptations but this problem could be easily avoid by being aware of this dangers and having a rational attitude when dealing with money. 


260 words.

Source: The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic and General Training.

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  1. In today’s world, most of the people love to achieve a high status in society with an objective to gain social recognition. Due to which they start buying things to suit the upper class lifestyle, as a result they often fall into huge debt. Most of these expensive items are really not necessary for them and they do not have the purchasing power for those. So, this is crucial that we learn to understand the fine line difference between need and showing off.This essay will shed light on the causes of this behaviour and we can take measures.

    The reason for purchasing unnecessary things are multifold. Firstly, people want to achieve a high level social status which will give them recognition in front of family and friends.In a general tendency , our society gives special attention to people who own expensive things. Secondly, these luxury items give us comfort in our day to day life which in turn make us habituated to use those. For an example, earlier air-conditioner or dish-washer were not very common in a middle class household but nowadays these are counted under necessary items. Lastly, due to extensive advertisement on television or newspaper, people get to know about new products introduced in market and tend to buy those being persuaded by the brand’s marketing effort.

    If we do not want to fall under a huge burden of debt, we need to learn financial planning very effectively. This is really important to balance our income and expense. We should prepare a monthly budget plan for the things that we need in our day to day life. Comparison should not take place with someone who is from a higher income group society. Rather than buying redundant luxury items, we should try to invest in something which will give us return on investment in long term. In that way we will be able to maximize our capital money. Research shows that, people who plan their finances in a thoughtful manner, are more likely to live a debt-free life. For an example it is better to buy an apartment worth 50 Lacs INR rather than spending that money to buy a car with exorbitant pricing.

    To recapitulate, although owning costly commodities give us ultimate social recognition, we should refrain ourselves from purchasing unnecessary and irrelevant things. In that way only, we will be able to live a healthy life and will be able to prevent ourselves from the risk of being into high amount of debt.

  2. Nowadays, people are getting much more materialistic and tend to overspend on things which are non-essential and the one’s that are not friendly on their budget. This essay will discuss the possible causes for this issue and suggest some solutions to prevent this.
    People today are more jealous and insecure than they used to be in the past. They always feel a constant urge to be like someone else and even superior to them to maintain their so-called status. This feeling is because one feels that if they do not keep up with others then the society would not accept and respect them. The urge to do so has also increased drastically as we are much more exposed to the world and cultures, owing to the advent of internet. For instance, today it is not uncommon to see youngsters spending lakhs of rupees on purchasing the phones, although their monthly income would be some few thousands. The only solution to this is to tutor people about self-love as well as on being satisfied. This would prevent them from overspending on useless things by being much more self-aware.
    The other reason why people are debt-ridden because of careless spending is the lack of financial literacy. Even though, financial literacy is one of the most essential skills to sustain lives regardless of their background or position, it is still not taught in school. Our people are not aware about the basics of saving, investing and spending money. Because of which, one is not able to see the danger signs indicated by their financials and end up being debt-ridden or even bankrupt. So, the courses of financial literacy should be introduced in educational curriculum as well as should be propagated by organizing wide-spread seminars.
    In conclusion, the two primary reason why people overspend and end up destroying their financial independence is the sense of insecurity as well as jealousy and lack of financial literacy. This can be solved by spreading a word about self-love, inner-satisfaction and financial literacy.

  3. Human being is always into a wealthy lifestyle. For this reason, they buy expensive things desptite their income. In this essay, i am going to give reasons wfor why the prople get into this kind of activities like getting pricey things and lead a rich life.

    If we think economically, in these years, people earn a good salary but at the same time expenditure have been increased in the same way as the businesses updated itself with a high-demanded items or services. Generally, a man need cannot exclude his primary expences like food, accommodation, or clothings, etc. despite these, people are ready to spend their money to buy the things they actually has no use. But there are many things a mankind should have to be updated in this well educated world. Example is a mobile phone. He can phone call, send messages, get information, pay bills and much more with this facility. Neverthless, there are many items too in the market to buy just for interest or show off. Home decors are one of them. we can get that to decorate our house or apartment but it does not provide any extra facilities to the mankind. People spend lot of money to buy such things. While thinking this shopping behavior, from a social angle, I understand that people need to show their status or wealth to others buying expensive things. Celebrities or public figures are examples of this attitude. They use only expensive things to add value to their life despite realizing that they cannot bring any benefits on their own. Another reason, when it think of it, is they are not trained on how to spend their income properly from their home or parents. When a student get job, parents allow them to have all the money for their expense.

    While I think for the solution of this problem, the first thing coming to my mind is to provide good awareness about spending money in an effective way from schools of colleges. Familial relations can also help with this. By giving knowledge on this topic, people or students get to know the value of money and its spending. If a student understands how to spend the money he has in his pocket he always go for the best in the market considering its worth accordingly. I hope this would be the best way to treat this attitude.

    To conclude, buying things are okay but when purchasing a commodity, all should have done enough study about the usage of the product. If people practice this habit they can save money in their hand and also can be out of debt in their life.

    1. The modern society is conditioned in such way that we as consumers love to buy products. But for some of us it is impulsive as well as addictive, causing rising debts despite inability to pay them. While delving more the reasons and possible preventive measures to solve this problem will be dealt with.

      One cause could be impulse buying. Some individuals pick up a product as soon as they like it, even if they do not need it. They do not even consider the price or the disposable amount they have before purchasing, which results in them taking debt to own such products. Another is, these people are addicted to shopping. Whether it is needful or not, they can not stay away from marketplaces for long. Every now and then, something is to be bought just to satisfy their craving. For example, my friend Ramesh is of similar kind, who has a room full of needless articles just because of such behaviour.

      However, it can be prevented through mental conditioning. If, someone at regular intervals goes with them and stops them from owning useless things, along with showing them the importance of saving money, then slowly and eventually they understand it. Moreover, addictive behaviour needs medical intervention. Regular sessions with a psychotherapist can help them control their addiction towards purchasing, gradually making them aware to distinguish between their need and prolific buying habits. For instance, I helped Ramesh while shopping to make him understand the importance of needful buying and took him to a doctor to control his habitual buying activities.

      To conclude, it can be said that instinctive as well as addict like shopping is the root cause of raising debts amongst many shoppers, which can be stopped or at least reduced to certain extent with supervised purchasing of products along with proper medical aid.

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