IELTS Writing task 2(Causes and Solution Essay)

Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social, and commercial perspectives.

What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.

Writing Format of Causes and Solution Essay
    1. Introduction:  Paraphrase
    2. Main Paragraph 1: Causes with example
    3. Main Paragraph 2: Solutions with example
    4. Conclusion: Summaries your argument




It is commonly said that today’s children are being pressurized by many factors and facing academic, social, and commercial challenges. This essay intends to discuss the causes of these pressures and propose some measures to alleviate the problem.  

There are some factors like pressures created by parents in the academic sector and following the trends that can pressurize the children in social and commercial perspective. Sometimes parents create pressure on their children to get better grades on the examination or starts comparing their kids with others who are more talented. Parents want their children to excel in every field, and in this competition, children don’t have the time to bloom and reveal their hidden talents. Also, in this consumerist society, everyone is busy to follow the new trends. For example, when they see everyone is using the latest models of cell phones. They also want to buy them, and when they are unable to do so, they get stressed. 

Some possible solutions to this problem are parents should have realistic expectations from their children and they should make children realize that following every trend is not mandatory. Children have to be handled with great care. Every kid has their capability. So, its the responsibility for the parents that they shouldn’t compare their kids with others, and treat them by understanding the capability of their children. Moreover, parents should make their children realize that every trend doesn’t last forever, and they should understand the financial capability of the family before insisting on anything.

To conclude, there is no doubt that children of today are facing many pressures, but steps should be taken on a war footing to protect their innocent childhood. Otherwise, these pressures will stifle the physical and psychological growth of children. 


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  1. Over the decades, more and more people have been stressed and even been diagnosed with depression. It is thus said children are under more pressure than ever before due to school, society and commercial problems. In this essay, I will discuss the cause of their pressure and suggest some solutions.

    To start with, one of the main causes of children’s stress is over-studying, which is resulted from a requirement to obtain a well-paid job, a degree from a decent university. Youngsters, therefore, forced to be snowed under assignment and papers. For example, Japan is the nation where more than two-thirds of middle school students are attending cram school. The stress to complete both tasks from two educational institutions keep children under pressure. This problem is for parents to understand their own children’s limitation and put them in extra studying environment only when it is necessary. Parents should start to care about their kids’ mental conditions, otherwise, these immature people will be collapsed.

    Moreover, our recent over-connecting society also affects the heavy pressure on children. A decade ago, children were interacting with each other only in their schools, meaning they could rewind themselves at their relaxing home. However, students nowadays gained connection through their social media all the time even after stressful schools. What is more, they are under commercial pressure because of the SNS, stimulating children to purchase exciting online games or fancy clothes they cannot afford. To tackle this issue, schools should encourage children to fast the Internet. Generally speaking, Internet fasting can boost one’s self-esteem and offer some moments to concentrate on their lives. If the educational institutes are not going to motivate their students to do so, they will continue struggling due to the peer pressure from continuous usage of social media.

    All things considered, children recently are under pressure in academic, social, and commercial terms more than they used to be. Although force to be diligent and repetitive socialization through their phone can be the main cause, it is possible for parents and schools to help those poor youngsters under pressure. This problem is affecting not only children themselves but also the future of our whole society, it, therefore, is of great importance to solve the problem.

  2. Topic : Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social, and commercial perspectives.
    What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

    * Answer

    The advent of Technology and Science has equipped us with the wisdom of knowledge. In the era of ever changing dynamics of high end education and learning, children are naturally expected to cope up at a quicker pace. The idelogy of, “the survival of the fittest” pushes the average kids out of the rat race.

    I assume, growing up we all felt the urge of being “the best”. This urge and this need to be the best is not only the reflection of our parent’s expectations but a mirror of our society as a whole. Our families are after all a by-product of the narratives and norms set by our societal institutions.

    How many traditional educational institutes will give more importance to art and practical creative skills over theory and bookish knowledge?
    Very few , for we have always been taught that academic gardes define everyone’s success rate. Eg: If a student is bad at extra curricular and only good at academics and scores 99/100 , he/she is rewarded as a scholar and if another student who is average in academics but excel in sports or dance , he would still be considered a loser or very average. There is an intense need for us to fill this gap.

    The problem lies in the society’s definition of intelligence and success. So to conclude, In order to have a greater change in this narrative, parents have to play the primary role in creating a safe space for their children. A more accepting and welcoming environment will motivate all the children to pursue what they love . Let them create their own definition of success . We as human beings are meant to be different and this ideology of being first and always winning the race will only produce a bunch of monotonous robots of a same kind.
    Its upon us to chose to be wise or be ignorant and close our eyes!

  3. With the advent of urbanisation and globalisation almost every individual is stressed out and children are no exception.Unlike the ancient days , nowadays the budding minds have equal share of stress with their parents ,in every sphere say it academic, social or even sometimes commercial. This essay shall discuss the causes and solutions to this problems at length.

    To set the wheels in motion , the first and foremost reason for increasing pressure among children is the population explosion which resulted in cutthroat competition in every field. It is very often seen that as soon a child is admitted in school the parents start putting strain on the child’s mind to attain maximum marks and excel in every subject of the curriculum.It appears as if parents are having rivalry among themselves as regards, their children’s academic scores. On the social front also it is observed that children thesedays are not able to safely play outdoors , because of the increase in crime; thereby facing difficulty in making new friends. Further with the rising living standards of families , the children are even forced to earn after entering their teenage. The children are being constantly brainwashed as if they should start earning money at an early age.Moreover the children also face a pressure to buy expensive things to show and boast in front of their peers.

    It is not that there are no solutions to this problem. To eradicate stress from the lives of budding minds firstly parents should not impose stress on children for their studies.They should encourage kids for extracurricalar activities to energize their bodies and souls .The government should build places like parks and squares having some striking features to attract the children so that they can increase their social niche.Their should be some small level employment schemes launched by the government for teenagers ,through which they can earn some money by working 2-3 hours a day. This will make them financially independent.

    To wrap up, I again reiterate that stress of children is one of the negative effect of rise in living standards and with the synergized efforts of both and parents and government this problem can be mitigated to a large extent.

  4. It is obvious nowadays children are facing tremendous pressure from academic, social, and commercial backgrounds. And this essay intends to investigate the causes and find proper solutions to reduce its measures.
    Never have the pressure on children in academic, social, and commercial perspectives more obvious than today. Public education in our country and globalization oblige children to cover more fields, demanding from them to be excellent at foreign language proficiency, mathematics, and other subjects as well as sports from the very primary school. Moreover, children are offered to learn second language as well as third one in kindergarten. This pressure may increase close to university admissions due to the fact that quotas in the educational establishments do not cover the needs of every candidate. Some universities which are highly prestigious offer the actual courses in modern trends selects one candidate among 30 or more that leads to the social pressure as well, that is to say children want to prove their parents’ expectations more than theirs. In addition, enormous road billboards, TV set , radio, internet offers highly colorful, musical, attractive advertisement in every aspect of life to draw children’s attention, giving them multiple choice that confuse young mind.
    Talking about the measures that should be taken to reduce the pressure it is highly required to reorganize the primary school system, as parents are aware of the oppression their children face. It is more convenient if the system can analyze the child’s ability from the very early age using psychological tests or approaches in order to direct his/her interest or potential. It would be better if system could offer classes that are grouped according to the potential and interest of the children and include the subjects that are proper for this field or combined with some extra subjects. This approach could reduce the stress of children who have to learn about more than 10 or 15 subjects at the same time. Concerning mass media content is watched by children it can be regulated by parents using modern facilities and restricted afterwards.
    To sum up above mentioned reasons of the problem and solutions one thing is obvious, this issue can be solved in cooperation of parents together with government as healthy and strong generation is our future.

  5. It is no doubt true that majority of children nowadays are facing more pressures than we used to be. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative of this trend, society can take steps to mitigate these potential problems.
    By reading news, unsurprisingly many children tend to suicide due to abundant of pressure they have faced, and this has attribute numerous controversies and attention from the public. The main issue is that the high expectations from parents. Many parents tend to provide the best education to their children by arrange lots of after class tuition. However, on parent perspective, it will help their children in the future, as the greatest you pay, the greatest you earn. Besides, parents want a better quality of life for their families. This means that both parents had to work full-time, and with no choice, they sent their children to early-childcare.
    There are several actions that could take to solve the problems described above. Firstly, a simple solution would be given enough free time for children. It would be great for letting them take a rest from study by doing interested activities. A second measure would be for parents to spending time with their children. A quality family times, for example go for a hike or picnic, will fulfill children happiness as parents nowadays are way too busy with work.
    In conclusion, various measures can be taken can be taken to tackle the problems. Children are treasure for every family and society. Hence, we have to make the greatest efforts to protect them.

  6. In today’s era competitions in every aspect of life are increasing. The pupils are pressurized in each field as in academically, socially and commercially as well. This essay would expound the reasons of this phenomenon , as well as the steps that could be taken to ameliorate the situation.
    Pushing children in distinct field of life could be attributed to plethora of causes. The most conspicuous one is people want to follow society’s trend. Moreover, everyone have a desire to live luxurious life but some them are not able to purchase all stuff and get stressed. The another aspect is, children do not have the freedom to choose their interested subjects. Furthermore , parents put pressure on their kids to study trending subjects. Also, teachers and parents push the students to achieve higher marks in academic. For instance, most of the children pressurized by society to obtain a high profile job for survival.
    However , the most obvious solutions are not remote and complicated but accessible and practical. First of all, parents and teachers should think practically that all pupils do not have same mind. In addition to it, students should be independent to select subjects according to their interest. Secondly, parents should aware their kids about their financial status and also, what type of life style they can live. For example, Every children have the knowledge of their family status and also the power of meditation to relax their mind.
    To recapitulate , it is clearly a complex issue but accurate steps by parents and teachers at the right time could fix the trouble. Also, parents should have the knowledge of stress related problems which could badly affect their kids .

  7. Patel Harshkumar Girishbhai

    It is argued that individuals’ fitness and contradiction have been diminished at present as compared to previous years. There are several reasons for this argument, though remedies could help to reverse the situation. Both reasons and solutions are explained further in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    There are various root causes on this opinion to justify it. The foremost reason is that, in recent times, people are living a sedentary lifestyle. This is to say that they prefer to do their work from home as well as consume processed food often. These types of personalities are not doing any physical exercises and yoga to keep themselves healthy. To add to this, technology addiction makes individuals unconscious. To illustrate, modernized electronic gadgets are affecting a person’s mindset which leads to various health-related issues. For example, an individual who has a computer or laptop with unlimited internet data access usually plays games and wastes his precious time searching random things through websites. As a result, he is unable to concentrate accurately on his work, studies, and fitness.
    There are many solutions to solve these problems. To commence with, the government should spread awareness, which can assist every person to
    understand well. In other words, obesity warnings on junk food products and restaurants could be a great initiative. Thus, before consuming unhygienic meals consumers will definitely look after their fitness level. Moreover, gyms and yoga centers are also effective. For instance, my three neighbours were suffering from obesity and after joining the gym, they had a particular schedule to follow which helped them to overcome that issue. As per recent analysis, individuals who have a habit to do yoga on their daily basis are more fitter and active in their respective profession.
    In conclusion, however, there are several problems regarding people’s fitness, activeness and awareness by the legislative assembly as well as joining a gym could be beneficial to solve this.

  8. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of younger generation people facing mental stress and even depression because of the pressure they get from academic, social and commercial perspective. In this essay I will discuss the causes for this and how we can overcome them.

    These days, the competition between students has become quite tough, mostly due to the mentality of their parents, implying that their children won’t achieve anything if they do not top in their class. Additionally, they also feel pressured because of their neighbors, colleagues and relatives, as they get compared to others, they feel insecure and weak, and fail to realize that everyone is unique and has unique talents. Nowadays, trends have become a negatively affecting thing rather than exciting. When children see their friends owning something branded or expensive, it makes them feel that others will dislike them if they do not own something similar as well.

    In order to reduce these pressures, it would be effective if parents start to consider their kids’ perspective and also let them know how marks are not the only factor which decide one’s future. Elders should also appreciate their children’s efforts and not keep comparing them with how other’s have performed. It’s our responsibility to help the younger generation and let them know that it is not mandatory to follow each and every trend or buy branded things to be liked by others.

    In conclusion, being compared with other and having the wrong mentality about things because of parents and society are the reasons behind their stress, but with elder’s right help, these can be resolved.

  9. Nowadays, children are pressured to pursue academic, interpersonal, and commercial excellence. These expectations arise from themselves, their immediate family members, and also society.

    The root cause of this issue is the competition prevalent in all forms of organization, such as schools, universities, work, etc. Success is attributed to being the best, and hence, children feel the need to attain the best rank. Additionally, students are influenced by their environment, i.e., their family and the media. Children model their parents’ behavior, and if parents are high-achievers, children are also likely to become high-achievers. Further, students are introduced to “perfectionism” from the media, which drives them to attain superiority in all aspects of life. These young people become attracted to certain lifestyles, and therefore, push themselves to accomplish their goals. Subsequently, children face immense pressure to perform activities in a specific manner.

    The issues surrounding this group can be resolved by collective participation by their friends and family members. Firstly, students should not be taunted for mediocre results, as this would make them lower their self-esteem. Secondly, parents and friends should embrace the imperfect aspects of the children so that they are not compelled to seek perfection. Further, students can be encouraged to develop their skills instead of aiming for perfection. Finally, these pupils should be reminded that age limits do not apply to success and that achievement can happen in the future.

    In conclusion, children are pressured into gaining superiority from educational, social, and financial perspectives, mainly as a result of themselves and their immediate environment. A collaborative effort from their family members and peers can improve their overall well-being.

  10. The modern era has enrolled new forms of conformity and standards which seem to be affecting children and their mental well-being. In the world that we live in, children are brought up on the foundation of survival, and that the essence of life is that it is a rat race.

    the narrative is initiated from educational institutions such as schools. Children are placed in a social environment and are encouraged to perform better than fellow students, automatically injecting a competitive attitude into the veins. The brain matures and develops thinking that everyone is a fiend ultimately and no one is to be trusted until robust interaction occurs.
    Society has always provided guidelines for success and has always portrayed what success looks like, from Napoleon to Bill Gates. This allows an air of intoxicating expectation to linger.
    This chain of misery, stress, and anxiety also trickles down to commercial life. Slavery being marketed as obedience puts forth a shackle being wrapped around creativity and innovation. Practicality differs from learning in schools, and the tempestuous waters get murkier.

    It is vehemently important to celebrate the hyper-successful, for they are planting the seeds of tomorrow. The harvest shall be in due time, but the procurement process is to be entrusted to the hands of children. The academic phase of life should bridge words in black and white to the real applied implications of knowledge, so as to cultivate wisdom at every step of adolescent life. The people of the society should be educated that success does not have any specific portrayal. Instead, it is humanity, the modest attitude that defines a truly successful person. It is the wellness in their heart. The development and application of the attributes of a sentient human being.

    Children should be taught, “To err is human, and one who tries to fix the err is a hero.”

  11. It is true that children have a lot of pressure from different aspects such as study, society and finance nowadays. This will discuss some causes of this issue and I will suggest some measures to overcome it.
    First and foremost, pupils face pressure of their studies. There are a number of subjects they have to study. Even their school bags are heavier than their own. Long school hours make them frustrated and not only this, after this, they have to attend tutions also. In order to compete with peers, children gave their whole time to study, so they do not get any time to play. This leads to increase stress at this age, which is a serious problem.
    Secondly, company always matter in a life of a child. Peers of a child play an important role in his/her social. It impacts if they are good or if they are not disciplined. Addition to this, if their age group people have expensive bags, clothes or gadgets, they enforce their parents to buy those things and it leads to make commercial pressure on them and their families.
    To solve these issues, it is oues of the guardians and teachers to teach them ethical matters. This age time is very delicate situation for children and parents both. Children are the future of any nation. So it is necessary to handle them with love and care.
    In conclusion, I reaffirm that this is the time to make a person good or bad. It becomes responsibility to schools and parents to make their children stress free and happy.

  12. It is well known that Today’s young children are being forced on studies as well as social and commercial issues which will lead to extreme struggles in the future.

    There are numerous causes of this burden made to young children.
    First most parents want their children to maximize in every subject at school instead of giving them choice forgetting that
    People are different and each one has his own limited capacity of studies. Furthermore, talented child and the one which trys to endeavor may not get the same results and achieve things at the same level.
    The second obvious cause is the look out.
    Parents want their children to do the same forgetting that they are absolutely different.
    For example my mum convinced me to study agriculture in university where my favorable option was medicine.
    I did as she asked but finally I failed in almost every subject.
    Even though I tried to struggle with this , I didn’t be as excellent as I could be if I had chosen Medicine. consequently I hardly found jobs to fit with.

    As technology advances there more than million options that young people must be given choice to afford.
    Every choice may be productive depending on how hardly worked out.
    Parent should cease the manner of persuading their children to do what they want ,contrary they chould let them choose their best favorites. Here the government needs to enforce children’s right of choice.
    For example my brother was not talented in studies. He used to fail in any subject claiming to give up schools in stead. Conversely he was excellent in football even though my parents hardly released him from schools to go in football. Finally he became famous in football until he is the most important person .Furthermore,
    My family is depending to him.

    Overall, children are being persuaded on what to study by their parents who think they have total right on them .nonetheless, government must set out the rules of giving children right of choice in order to obtain positive output.

  13. In Britain, when someone gets old they often go to live in a home with other old people where there are nurses to look after them. Sometimes the government has to pay for this care.
    Who do you think should pay for this care, the government or the family?

    Old people live in a home with other old age people and government usually look after them in UK. Personally, I believe both government and their family is equal responsible for their expenses, further will be discussed below.

    To commence with, people who are retired often share home with the people with the same age in a government accommodation, by living there they can spend their quality time by sharing each others experience of life. Moreover, aged care provided by authorities gives them surety as well as make them even more relaxed that they have aged care workers to look after for them.

    On the one hand, Britain government has bigger role to play for old citizens as they used to contribute to the country and country’s by their services For example, if someone is a scientist or an engineer they are asset of any country and plays major part in countries advancement by their experiments and their projects respectively. Similarly, they also contribute towards economic growth by paying significant taxes on their incomes while earning. Nevertheless, Government owes them these services at veteran age.

    On the other hand, although British government compensate them at ancient age, family is equally responsible, they are liable for each and everything for their parents, because they were the one who made them live in the society, from their infant age to adulthood. In addition, it is their primary responsibility to make their elders feel comfortable at old age, because old individuals only want to cherish moments at such age especially from their own children.

    To conclude with, despite plethora of facilities available for retired people in Britain, their family members are equally responsible for them, therefore both should pay equal portion of amount for their care.

  14. Recycling waste matter has become a crucial issue worldwide, and many nations are lagging. There could be many reasons, yet major ones are lack of awareness and shortage of facilities.
    On the one side, in the outskirts of major cities, where education and information system are not in place, lack of awareness among local people contributes to this problem. They are unaware of the reuse of material and the impact it is putting on the surroundings. For example, plastic bags take many years to decompose in the soil. On the other side, the government falls short of the required equipment and policies, and the steps are not taken by the concerned authorities. The reason for that could be the economic condition or the budget allotted for such programmes. Moreover, corruption could also be keeping them from these initiatives. For instance, senior and responsible bureaucrats had been found guilty in the cases of the purchase of such machinery.
    The possible solutions could be, running marketing campaigns to spread the knowledge about the necessity of reprocessing. Along with that, how these are impacting the environment and its long and short term consequences. Furthermore, few incentive plans should be introduced to encourage residents to contribute to the success of these awareness programmes. Additionally, governments should bring strategies to successfully continue these projects and avoid fraud related to this concern.
    To conclude, both citizens and the administration would have to participate in these environment-friendly schemes to succeed. These will, in turn, create a healthy ecosystem for the next generations to come.

  15. There can be fewer choices more important than how to perform well in the face of various challenges from a young age and the question of children pressure is complex. There seem to be 3 main causes of this and several possible solutions, as I will explain here.
    Perhaps the majority factor is the excessive expectation from their parents in the form of overwhelming extra-curricular classes and constant comparison between peers. This means that too many loads are put on the shoulders of the youngster, and growing stress and anxiety are inevitable. We see this in most families in the middle class as they always hope to gain a higher social status with the effort of their next generation. A further cause seems to be the problem of increased unemployment because higher education is the key to open the door to better employment prospects as we can see in most companies like those who graduate from prestigious universities. The other main reason is the negative impact of advertisements and peer competition. In this materialistic world, children can easily be influenced by advertisements marketing in a way that attracts children. If other kids follow the latest trend or buy the newest stuff, even those certain brands with a high price in particular. Depression and pressure will generate when their parents cannot fulfill their desires. They are likely to think they are not as cool as peer students and foster a sense of shame as a result.
    Regarding potential solutions, probably the main remedy would be to establish self-identity in children’s hearts, for example telling them there must be a suitable stage for them via giving lectures and psychological therapy as were tried successfully in some high schools in China. This can be a motivation to them and build up a sense of confidence as they will know every child is worthy to be loved regardless of their academic performance or job options. Another solution may be to make a stricter code and regulate advertisements aimed at children. Information leading to a consumer culture should be controlled or even banned, which would reduce unnecessary and unrealistic comparisons among children.
    In conclusion, it seems that strict parents, demanding employers, attractive advertisements and peer pressure are the key factors behind children’s pressure. Possible solutions would involve better guidance and also stricter regulation executed by authorities.

  16. In this modern world of competition and haste, we are all confronted with many tensions and our kids are not exceptions. Today, our young ones are stressed from academic, social and commercial aspects, which is caused by families, schools and the society. Nonetheless, this can be cured from where it originated.
    First and foremost, the main fault lies with the family. Parents often wish their kid to be the best at everything! Sometimes they want their children to make their unfulfilled dreams and ambitions come true. Family can also be blamed for lack of supervision on the time their kids spent on internet and media, since it could be another source of tensions. Schools as the second community for nurturing, play a major role in this issue. Some of them have confined the viewpoint by focusing on academic field, merely; while, researches represent that the only intelligence are not the one associated with math, physics, chemistry and literature. For instance, a sympathetic child who always has a hearing ear for his/her friends could be and excellent and valuable social worker in the future.
    Possible solutions to these problems can be treated mostly by families. Parents should spend effective family time with their children. Also, they have to reduce pressure on them and be aware of that not every person ought to become a doctor or an engineer. Moreover, they should take care of their time consumed on internet. In the case of schools, government should monitor the performance of all of the public and private schools. Furthermore, the score-based assessing system would be altered to a more efficient way, especially in early years of education.
    To conclude, this volume of compression on our offspring might lead to severe traumas in adulthood. Parents are the principal ones in charge and possess the greatest impact on their children, therefore they must act responsibly toward the ones they brought to this universe. Although, the part of schools in this subject should not be overlooked.

  17. Nowadays more and more older people who are looking for work have to compete with younger people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are some possible solutions?
    An increasing number of elderly people seeking employment have to be in competition with people much younger in order to get the same job. Many factors can be detected for this issue, and several promising solutions can be drawn as well.
    Many diverse factors can contribute to the difficulty of finding a decent job for elderly individuals. The main reason can be related to the lack of skills that older people have to keep up with technology, while the younger generation is more at ease with modern technology and keep pace with its development. As they spend their leisure time on the Internet or gain experience through university. For another, older people may have not academic qualifications. Because of hiring younger people who have education are more likely to be picked out by recruiters over aged people. Since science is changing rapidly, which is why it is more vital for employees to hire those who have higher degrees. Accordingly, if older people did not pay enough attention to their skills and education, they would not have a chance to find a job in a cut-throat competition with young people.
    Turning to possible solutions, one way to motivate older people is providing free training courses. They could be thought basic skills including ICDL that would help them to move it forward and be able to get a job. Another way to iron this out is valuing experience. To clarify, some employees or legislators have a passionate belief to hire older people because they know the ins and outs of a job especially in vocational fields rather than the young ones who do have not enough practical qualifications. These solutions uplifting their spirit and having a constructive effect on their lifestyle that would be useful for aged people to be nominated for a job.
    To conclude, it is clear that lack of the skill to cope with technology and does not have education are the catalysts for older people to get a job. However, strong measures, such as free training and valuing experience must be taken by employees or governments to alleviate this problem.

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