IELTS Writing task 2(Causes and Solution Essay)

Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social, and commercial perspectives.

What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.

Writing Format of Causes and Solution Essay
    1. Introduction:  Paraphrase
    2. Main Paragraph 1: Causes with example
    3. Main Paragraph 2: Solutions with example
    4. Conclusion: Summaries your argument




It is commonly said that today’s children are being pressurized by many factors and facing academic, social, and commercial challenges. This essay intends to discuss the causes of these pressures and propose some measures to alleviate the problem.  

There are some factors like pressures created by parents in the academic sector and following the trends that can pressurize the children in social and commercial perspective. Sometimes parents create pressure on their children to get better grades on the examination or starts comparing their kids with others who are more talented. Parents want their children to excel in every field, and in this competition, children don’t have the time to bloom and reveal their hidden talents. Also, in this consumerist society, everyone is busy to follow the new trends. For example, when they see everyone is using the latest models of cell phones. They also want to buy them, and when they are unable to do so, they get stressed. 

Some possible solutions to this problem are parents should have realistic expectations from their children and they should make children realize that following every trend is not mandatory. Children have to be handled with great care. Every kid has their capability. So, its the responsibility for the parents that they shouldn’t compare their kids with others, and treat them by understanding the capability of their children. Moreover, parents should make their children realize that every trend doesn’t last forever, and they should understand the financial capability of the family before insisting on anything.

To conclude, there is no doubt that children of today are facing many pressures, but steps should be taken on a war footing to protect their innocent childhood. Otherwise, these pressures will stifle the physical and psychological growth of children. 


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  1. Over the decades, more and more people have been stressed and even been diagnosed with depression. It is thus said children are under more pressure than ever before due to school, society and commercial problems. In this essay, I will discuss the cause of their pressure and suggest some solutions.

    To start with, one of the main causes of children’s stress is over-studying, which is resulted from a requirement to obtain a well-paid job, a degree from a decent university. Youngsters, therefore, forced to be snowed under assignment and papers. For example, Japan is the nation where more than two-thirds of middle school students are attending cram school. The stress to complete both tasks from two educational institutions keep children under pressure. This problem is for parents to understand their own children’s limitation and put them in extra studying environment only when it is necessary. Parents should start to care about their kids’ mental conditions, otherwise, these immature people will be collapsed.

    Moreover, our recent over-connecting society also affects the heavy pressure on children. A decade ago, children were interacting with each other only in their schools, meaning they could rewind themselves at their relaxing home. However, students nowadays gained connection through their social media all the time even after stressful schools. What is more, they are under commercial pressure because of the SNS, stimulating children to purchase exciting online games or fancy clothes they cannot afford. To tackle this issue, schools should encourage children to fast the Internet. Generally speaking, Internet fasting can boost one’s self-esteem and offer some moments to concentrate on their lives. If the educational institutes are not going to motivate their students to do so, they will continue struggling due to the peer pressure from continuous usage of social media.

    All things considered, children recently are under pressure in academic, social, and commercial terms more than they used to be. Although force to be diligent and repetitive socialization through their phone can be the main cause, it is possible for parents and schools to help those poor youngsters under pressure. This problem is affecting not only children themselves but also the future of our whole society, it, therefore, is of great importance to solve the problem.

  2. Topic : Children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social, and commercial perspectives.
    What are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures?

    * Answer

    The advent of Technology and Science has equipped us with the wisdom of knowledge. In the era of ever changing dynamics of high end education and learning, children are naturally expected to cope up at a quicker pace. The idelogy of, “the survival of the fittest” pushes the average kids out of the rat race.

    I assume, growing up we all felt the urge of being “the best”. This urge and this need to be the best is not only the reflection of our parent’s expectations but a mirror of our society as a whole. Our families are after all a by-product of the narratives and norms set by our societal institutions.

    How many traditional educational institutes will give more importance to art and practical creative skills over theory and bookish knowledge?
    Very few , for we have always been taught that academic gardes define everyone’s success rate. Eg: If a student is bad at extra curricular and only good at academics and scores 99/100 , he/she is rewarded as a scholar and if another student who is average in academics but excel in sports or dance , he would still be considered a loser or very average. There is an intense need for us to fill this gap.

    The problem lies in the society’s definition of intelligence and success. So to conclude, In order to have a greater change in this narrative, parents have to play the primary role in creating a safe space for their children. A more accepting and welcoming environment will motivate all the children to pursue what they love . Let them create their own definition of success . We as human beings are meant to be different and this ideology of being first and always winning the race will only produce a bunch of monotonous robots of a same kind.
    Its upon us to chose to be wise or be ignorant and close our eyes!

  3. With the advent of urbanisation and globalisation almost every individual is stressed out and children are no exception.Unlike the ancient days , nowadays the budding minds have equal share of stress with their parents ,in every sphere say it academic, social or even sometimes commercial. This essay shall discuss the causes and solutions to this problems at length.

    To set the wheels in motion , the first and foremost reason for increasing pressure among children is the population explosion which resulted in cutthroat competition in every field. It is very often seen that as soon a child is admitted in school the parents start putting strain on the child’s mind to attain maximum marks and excel in every subject of the curriculum.It appears as if parents are having rivalry among themselves as regards, their children’s academic scores. On the social front also it is observed that children thesedays are not able to safely play outdoors , because of the increase in crime; thereby facing difficulty in making new friends. Further with the rising living standards of families , the children are even forced to earn after entering their teenage. The children are being constantly brainwashed as if they should start earning money at an early age.Moreover the children also face a pressure to buy expensive things to show and boast in front of their peers.

    It is not that there are no solutions to this problem. To eradicate stress from the lives of budding minds firstly parents should not impose stress on children for their studies.They should encourage kids for extracurricalar activities to energize their bodies and souls .The government should build places like parks and squares having some striking features to attract the children so that they can increase their social niche.Their should be some small level employment schemes launched by the government for teenagers ,through which they can earn some money by working 2-3 hours a day. This will make them financially independent.

    To wrap up, I again reiterate that stress of children is one of the negative effect of rise in living standards and with the synergized efforts of both and parents and government this problem can be mitigated to a large extent.

  4. It is obvious nowadays children are facing tremendous pressure from academic, social, and commercial backgrounds. And this essay intends to investigate the causes and find proper solutions to reduce its measures.
    Never have the pressure on children in academic, social, and commercial perspectives more obvious than today. Public education in our country and globalization oblige children to cover more fields, demanding from them to be excellent at foreign language proficiency, mathematics, and other subjects as well as sports from the very primary school. Moreover, children are offered to learn second language as well as third one in kindergarten. This pressure may increase close to university admissions due to the fact that quotas in the educational establishments do not cover the needs of every candidate. Some universities which are highly prestigious offer the actual courses in modern trends selects one candidate among 30 or more that leads to the social pressure as well, that is to say children want to prove their parents’ expectations more than theirs. In addition, enormous road billboards, TV set , radio, internet offers highly colorful, musical, attractive advertisement in every aspect of life to draw children’s attention, giving them multiple choice that confuse young mind.
    Talking about the measures that should be taken to reduce the pressure it is highly required to reorganize the primary school system, as parents are aware of the oppression their children face. It is more convenient if the system can analyze the child’s ability from the very early age using psychological tests or approaches in order to direct his/her interest or potential. It would be better if system could offer classes that are grouped according to the potential and interest of the children and include the subjects that are proper for this field or combined with some extra subjects. This approach could reduce the stress of children who have to learn about more than 10 or 15 subjects at the same time. Concerning mass media content is watched by children it can be regulated by parents using modern facilities and restricted afterwards.
    To sum up above mentioned reasons of the problem and solutions one thing is obvious, this issue can be solved in cooperation of parents together with government as healthy and strong generation is our future.

  5. It is no doubt true that majority of children nowadays are facing more pressures than we used to be. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative of this trend, society can take steps to mitigate these potential problems.
    By reading news, unsurprisingly many children tend to suicide due to abundant of pressure they have faced, and this has attribute numerous controversies and attention from the public. The main issue is that the high expectations from parents. Many parents tend to provide the best education to their children by arrange lots of after class tuition. However, on parent perspective, it will help their children in the future, as the greatest you pay, the greatest you earn. Besides, parents want a better quality of life for their families. This means that both parents had to work full-time, and with no choice, they sent their children to early-childcare.
    There are several actions that could take to solve the problems described above. Firstly, a simple solution would be given enough free time for children. It would be great for letting them take a rest from study by doing interested activities. A second measure would be for parents to spending time with their children. A quality family times, for example go for a hike or picnic, will fulfill children happiness as parents nowadays are way too busy with work.
    In conclusion, various measures can be taken can be taken to tackle the problems. Children are treasure for every family and society. Hence, we have to make the greatest efforts to protect them.

  6. In today’s era competitions in every aspect of life are increasing. The pupils are pressurized in each field as in academically, socially and commercially as well. This essay would expound the reasons of this phenomenon , as well as the steps that could be taken to ameliorate the situation.
    Pushing children in distinct field of life could be attributed to plethora of causes. The most conspicuous one is people want to follow society’s trend. Moreover, everyone have a desire to live luxurious life but some them are not able to purchase all stuff and get stressed. The another aspect is, children do not have the freedom to choose their interested subjects. Furthermore , parents put pressure on their kids to study trending subjects. Also, teachers and parents push the students to achieve higher marks in academic. For instance, most of the children pressurized by society to obtain a high profile job for survival.
    However , the most obvious solutions are not remote and complicated but accessible and practical. First of all, parents and teachers should think practically that all pupils do not have same mind. In addition to it, students should be independent to select subjects according to their interest. Secondly, parents should aware their kids about their financial status and also, what type of life style they can live. For example, Every children have the knowledge of their family status and also the power of meditation to relax their mind.
    To recapitulate , it is clearly a complex issue but accurate steps by parents and teachers at the right time could fix the trouble. Also, parents should have the knowledge of stress related problems which could badly affect their kids .

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