IELTS Writing task 2 (Discussion Essay)

Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required. 

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




It was said that “Health is the key to all happiness”. But now, the ratio of public health is decreasing day-by-day. Some people believe that an increased number of sports facility will help to improve public health, on the other hand, others think that it wouldn’t have a significant effect on public health and some other measures are required. 

Increasing sports facilities like outdoor sports will help everyone to improve their health. Finding an open space or a playground has become rare in a city because of population growth, and industrialization. As a result, peoples don’t have any chance to play any kind of outdoor games. Having a playground in the neighbourhood will be very beneficial in case of increasing public health. 

On the other hand, only increasing the sports facilities will not going to help if we don’t control our diet. Health experts believe that “good health of individuals depends about 75 per cent on a healthy diet and the rest 25 on exercises”. But, in today’s world, the fast-food consumption rate is relatively getting higher day-day-day. As a result, increased sports facilities are not effecting significantly on public health. Also, there are many people who love to play mobile and computer games rather than outdoor games.

To conclude, I believe only increasing the sports facilities will not going to help if the peoples are not concerned about their health. So we should make people conscious about their health, encourage them to have a healthy diet and limit the time of playing video games. 

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  1. The viewers hold different attitudes toward the issue. Some urge that the most sufficient way to refine the levels of public health is the enlargement of the various sport features. Whereas others claim that such measures are not effective and another solution should be represented.
    As far as I’m concerned, with the remarkable improvement of people’s living standards, the health issue is of crucial importance. Analyzing opinion about the increasing of sport facilities, the main arguments that would be put forward is that sometimes people do not have an access to the gym, for instance. In such case, certainly, more places for exercises should be aviable. However, it does not gaurantee the full involving of people into the sport life. One more aspect that has aruosed wide public concern is the fact, that suburban areas are in lack of easy accessible hospitals. Obviously,the resolving of this problem can lead to the higher levels of people’s health. However, the improving of the infrastructure is efficient to some extent only.
    What other measures are required? Well, As it has been mentioned before, the publicity has to be attracted to do sports. The encouraging of people can significantly change human’s mind. Such practice includes advertisements that reveal the importance of our health or even courses to provide the knowledge about the healthcare. In fact, modern problems need modern desicions. Such popular platforms as Instagram and Youtube has already been succeed in promoting the idea of healthy lifestyle.
    In conclusion, I insist that the most optimal way to improve public health is by combining the developing of the infrastructure and encouraging people to follow healthy lifestyle

  2. In this contemporary era, it is irrefutable that people are facing health issues. For that some individuals opine that increasing sports activities can play a pivotal role to make people healthier. In contrast, other people believe that different methods are require. This essay will discuss about both the views before commenting on my opinion.

    There are compelling reasons to support the people who think that by increasing sports amenities it will be more beneficial to enhance health conditions. To commence with, encouragement is the key to take initiative for fit body. For that, government can open more sports clubs and play ground, which will influence people to be more active towards their health. For instance, individual can play crickets and football at grounds by forming a team, in which multiple people will be encourage to participate. Likewise, opening play grounds near societies will motivate people to play there, which will benefit their body. Thus, establishing more sports amenities will help people to become fit.

    On the other hand, number of people supports the view that other factors should be taken in account to increase healthiness among individuals. To initiate, playing sports or doing exercises only affect the body if folks tend to reduce consumption of junk food, because junk food are filled with bad cholesterol and bacteria which can end up making people obese. To exemplify, abundant of people rely on street food, which results in stomach problems as well as increasing fatness. Moreover, individual is not stepping ahead to be conscious to improve his health due to playing video games and having addiction of mobiles. Hence, increasing facilities of sports is not affecting health of people solely.

    To recapitulate, even though opening more sports facilities can cheer up folks to be fitness freak, I believe that other factors are needed to be focused like eating unhealthy food as well as excessive use of electronic devices

  3. Thesedays, individuals are getting less sleep or rest as opposed to the previous time. This essay will discuss the various reasons such as hectic schedule and hardwork alongwith the effects mainly weak bonding between parents and their children and disease like insomnia.

    Commencing with one of the main rationales that why people have less rest as compared to past is hectic schedule. What i mean by this is that people are working for long hours and sometime they are performing extra shift to earn more money because they want better facilities for them and their children in this expensive world. So, people do not have enough time for them. As a result, they become mentally disturbed and stressed due to this, they are not able to take proper sleep.

    Not only this but also, today people think that the study and to work at night is more fruitful as compared to daytime work because people can easily concentrate on with full attention without disturbance. However, not getting rest at night have many negative effects in terms of mental and physical health. As a result, people are facing many symtoms like low eyesight, headache, stress, depression and so on.

    However, parents do not have enough time for their children is the pre-dominant effect on individuals life. To be specific, children feels alone at home and as a result, they enroll in illegal activities through peer pressure. Firstly, children’s think they enjoy their life but actually ruining the life. For example, a report conducted by India Times recently, revealed that 23.55% of crimes were conducted by youngsters. Hence, parents should be needed to aware about their children.

    Moving further, taking less sleep or no sleep is resulted in a habit or dangerous disease like insomnia is the another effect on person health and related to them. To explain it, people with depressed or stressed minds are not able to communicate with society because they are mentally disturbed. Therefore, people become isolated and do not make new friends and become introvert.

    To conclude, hectic schedule and earn money are the reasons that why few people are not taken proper sleep and it also affects society and individuals in terms of children’s life affected and people come into isolation.

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