IELTS Writing task 2 (Agree or Disagree Opinion Essay)

Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmes (for example working for a charity, improving the neighbourhood or teaching sports to younger children).

To what extend do you agree or disagree? 


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




Nowadays, everyone is so busy with their daily life, finding a charity worker or the people who once worked in the community services are rare to find. Many people believe that high schools should include unpaid community services as a compulsory part of their programmes. I also strongly believe, by doing this, it will help not only a country to develop but also improve a student’s extracurricular activities. 

First of all, every year governments spend a huge amount of money on community services like neighbourhood improvement, charity works and so on. According to Time Magazine, only in 2020, the USA spends almost 2 percent of its yearly budget on community services. If the high schools make it a compulsory program, then the government won’t need to hire workers. As a result, the expenditure in this sector will decrease, and governments can use this money to improve other sectors. I believe it will be very beneficial for a specific country to develop. 

Secondly, this program will help the students to develop an extracurricular activity, and it is really important for a student to get admission into a high ranked university. The top universities around the world accept student’s admission not only based on their merit or academic report, but they also look for students who are active in extracurricular activities. Also, students are offered scholarships by many universities if they have the potential to do something better for their country. 

To conclude, I strongly believe every high school should include the unpaid community services in their study program, it will bring only benefits for the country as well as for a student.

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  1. Ques – Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organised and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

    It is generally considered by some that keeping a place where a person lives or works should be clean and well-organised with things kept in their right place. This essay agrees with this statement as it is time-saving and also defines one’s personality traits as well as positive attitude.

    Firstly, Keeping things in their well-defined place makes it easier to find, whether it is one’s work area or home. In other words, it aids in reducing the time and efforts put on finding things. Furthermore, things when kept at their right place in a room makes it look more spacious, whereas messy places, look congested. To exemplify, on a meeting day, employee being not able to find the file in the mess on his table, crucial for the meeting might even put his job at risk for taking hours to find it. These kind of errors can be effectively diminished when a place is tidy and uncluttered.

    Secondly, A systematic framework of keeping things in order, reflects one’s ideas, personality and positive attitude. In fact, it shows how efficient and disciplined a person is in his life. Since childhood, we are taught to keep things in their original place, as a result of this, a person develops this habit over a period of time and this is reflected in his positive attitude towards life. For an instance, messy and unorganised places irritate people and also becomes a reason for mental distress whereas organising things brings happiness, peace and harmony in workplace as well as in home.

    In conclusion, well-maintained homes and workplaces can play a vital role in living hassle-free lives and also put light on a person’s characteristics and peaceful environment around him.

  2. question: Famous sportsmen often earn a lot more money than people in other professions. Although sport is important in our lives, everyone should be equal and such big incomes of sports professionals are unjustified.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    The income of players is considered much more than any other employees in any workplace. While the sport has an essential impact on countries’ incomes, equality between professionals is also important. in my opinion, a huge salary is an effective motivator for those who have a talent for playing. Furthermore, reaching to be one of the well-known players deserves to be appreciated.

    On the one hand, playing some sport as a hoppy is fully different when playing it as a job. this is simply because achieving goals and winning matches need an extreme effort so players must be motivated always and rewards by perks, bonuses, financial rewards, and high salaries. Also, there are many rewards from different sectors and companies for famous players as a reward, for instance, car company gave a car for each member of the football national team after winning in the last match. That is why achievements need to be appreciated.

    On the other hand, the ongoing training of players is another reason why they got a large salary. Being a famous player requires frequently training to enhance a higher level and seeking more victories. For example, the volleyball team in school wins in the first match against another team then they stop training and supposing they are stronger enough to win in other matches, unfortunately, they lost in the second match. So, it is important to reward sportsmen with a high income because they do effort all of the time to win as the lion in the jungle need to fighting every single day to eat.
    In conclusion, players in various sports have the right to earn much more money than any other job, that is because of their effort and to be inspired and motivated to win more and more.

  3. Tungki Pratama Umar

    High school projects are consisted of many activities oriented to build a great generation. In the meantime, many people argued that society work, such as philanthropy task or practicing physical exercises to preschool age children must be an obligatory component during the learning process. I strongly support this activity to be implemented in the study methods at academy.

    Firstly, charitable actions is a remarkable way to give back to the community. Children can learn to share their happiness with those who are not as lucky as them. Moreover, they can directly involved in contributing to a specific area, knowing some real-life situations, such as social, health, and economic issue, and giving solutions where possible. For instance, adolescents can start a movement to aid minorities who are not able to acquire adequate food and water. Juveniles can also donate their goods, such as books, clothes, knowledges, or stationeries for other unfortunate students.

    Secondly, generosity protocols may be beneficial to promote learner’s faith and feeling of gratitude. They would be able to applying their religion’s value, accommodating others without the desire of taking any advantage, or in other words, developing altruistic personality. Furthermore, children would be more pleased about their current situation and be more appreciative to their life, grasping the idea that every cloud has a silver lining.

    To conclude, generous movement is an essential component to be settled in a growing human. It can be supplied to the curriculum in order to provide new offspring that is more delicate to the population’s concern. The role of teaching persons and representatives is very critical to actualize this idea.

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