IELTS Writing task 2 (Discussion Essay)

Some people say that industrial growth is necessary to solve poverty, but some other people argue that industrial growth is creating environmental problems and should be stopped.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




The two most dangerous problems faced by a developing country are poverty and environmental pollutions. Many people believe it is industrial growth that can solve poverty, and others believe it is the causes of many environmental problems. This essay intends to analyse both perspectives. I, however, agree with the former view.  

To begin with, without industrial growth it is nearly impossible for a country to develop, and the development of a country directly affects its citizens. Industrial growth benefits nearly all citizens of a country. For example, in rural areas, most of the poor are engaged with agriculture. When such a country grows through agricultural exports, it benefits both the poor farmers and even the poor labours. Similarly, industrial growth helps to create a lot of job opportunities and eventually causes a rise in the wage that reduce poverty.

On the other hand, industrial growth is also responsible for many environmental problems such as air pollution, water pollution and land pollution are worth mentioning. Industries are the major cause of air pollution since the operation of factories results in the emission of pollutants, including organic solvents, respirable particles, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. These pollutants can both public health and the environment. Sometimes wastewater of the industries discharges them untreated. As a result, it causes environmental woes including pollution of groundwater reservoirs and surface water also. Additionally, leakage from the fuel and energy industries, as well as industries involving hazardous materials, are the main causes of land contamination. Therefore, the properties of soil result in pollutants remaining in the soil long after the pollution incident. 

To conclude, although there are some drawbacks associated with industrial growth in a country, I believe these problems can be solved easily if the government takes necessary steps against it and opine that, industrial growth is the only way to reduce poverty. 

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  1. Some people say that teenagers should work part-time and earn money. This way they will learn basic lessons about work and become more disciplined. Others argue that teenagers shouldn’t sacrifice their rest and after-school activities to work.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    A number of people are of the opinion that teenagers should have part-time jobs as besides earning money, they learn their first lessons to become future disciplined workers. Others, however, argue that teenagers should enjoy their rest and after-school activities rather than work. The two viewpoints remain a constant debate. This essay attempts to discuss both views and voice up our own opinions.
    There is a commonly held belief that students should be engaged in part-time jobs, as they can earn money and learn the very first lessons to become a future good worker at the same time. Those who have already pursued full-time jobs may fully understand how essential it is to have early working experience, and some clues about responsibility before entering the real workforce. For example, undergraduates who worked part-time adapt faster and are more self-disciplined.
    Yet the other people argue that it is nonsense for teenagers to sacrifice their rest and after-school activities to work. Many people may be impressed that work means time-consuming and trade-offs. They are so accustomed to their work that they recognize the nature of part-time jobs. For instance, workers sticked to stressful full-time jobs are likely not to encourage teenagers to have the same experience.
    In conclusion, there are many people who support part-time job engagement among teenagers, while others are opposing such a viewpoint. Personally, I am of the opinion that students should work part-time since it is a good chance for self-development, and the drawbacks that periodical work may bring about are tiny in comparison with the tremendous benefits.

  2. Nowadays, Two of the biggest problems faced by the world are poverty and changing environment. Some think that growth of industries in developing countries helps with economy but others think its causing more damage to the environment. I agree with both sides.
    First, if we talk about industrial growth helping to solve one of the biggest concern that is poverty. Undoubtedly, development of industrial sector helps creating new jobs for the locals that helps them to support their family well. If there are lot of jobs in certain area then a number of staff is required to fulfill the needs. To attract more people, mostly companies pays them well too. That will help to reduce the poverty in that area.
    On the other hand, there are bad impact on our environment too because of increase in the number of industries. These industries eliminate carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, Sulphur dioxide and many other dangerous gases into our environment. These gases are very harmful not only to the humans but also to our habitat. Other than the gases, these factories are also releasing their liquid and solid wastes into water sources like rivers, oceans etcetera. Then these wastes are mixing into our drinkable water resources too. Take India for example, In Agra the industrial area is causing that much pollution that it causes in acidic rain. That acidic rain is affecting one of the seven wonders of world that is Taj Mahal which is made from white marble. Acidic rain is causing marble to erode and affecting that beautiful monument.
    In my opinion, Industrial growth is needed more than anything. It is adversely affecting our environment but Government can make some amendments to set some standards for the factories to control their waste. The factories can make some changes to their waste management as well to make things easy for our climate too.

  3. Muhammad Bin Saif

    Though it is true, that industry is considered to be the backbone of any country and could help to eliminate poverty. In contrast to this, it is a common belief that industrial growth comes with the price of devastating effects on the environment and nature. To some extent, I agree with both opinions, although from my point of view the sustainable industrial growth is way more important.
    First of all, industrial growth in the developing nations is essential to create new jobs for unprivileged peoples such as in Africa and Asia, which helps them to raise their living standards. Like a shred of evidence, about twenty years ago, in china, more than half of the population is living below the poverty line, but with the help of the industrial boom, china successfully up brings the population from poverty.
    In contrast to this, there is a common belief that industrial growth is damaging our environment and we should be more concerned about environmental protection. In this case, if we take an example of African nations where mining and excavation of precious stones caused irreversible damage to Mother Nature and land. Besides that, the African nations are still suffering from poverty.
    To sum up, although it is a common thought that industry is causing awful effects on our ecosystem. However, I strongly agree with the idea that we can achieve industrial growth and environmental protection simultaneously by focusing on sustainable industrial development such as encouraging and subsidizing the electric vehicle industry in contrast to the mechanical vehicle industry. The fact of environmental protection cannot be neglected, yet sustainable industrial growth is more significant.

  4. Since the beginning of industrialization, it is clear that the number of workers increased and it was substantial in giving a dignified life to a person and removing one of a life of poverty. However, there are different points of view of whether this change justifies its damage to nature.
    The cities, especially the capitals and big industrial centers, have been growing since and due to industrialization, and these companies are responsible for a rise in the quality of life of the workers. Having a good occupation, a person can have access to a great education, health insurance, leisure time, and every other feature it can give them. This, combined with the satisfaction and opportunities they may reach, increases their life expectancy and guarantee they will not face poverty. Due to that, poverty can be solved.
    On the other hand, some people believe that this growth has created a number of environmental problems and led to irreversible consequences, and so, should stop. Although the big opportunities the big industries can give to their workers, it is necessary to look deeper into the environmental impacts it could lead to. Moreover, it is accurate that the amount of gas that decreases the quality of the air, and the substances that pollute the rivers has grown each day due to industrialization, and less is done in order to diminish these impacts. In an overall view, these problems could become unchangeable and impact directly the quality of life of the people on the Earth.
    In my opinion, both views are accurate and one can not justify the other. But I believe stopping industrialization is not an intelligent solution. Firstly, it could paralyze the entire commercial system which includes agriculture to sales, whatever type they are. Secondly, the consequences would affect everyone directly, not only workers. To summarize, I believe the most suitable way to handle this situation would be an Environmental deal, where each company could create manners of diminishing their waste and their trash, having less impact in the nature and helping the natural sources and its features.

  5. Some people say that childhood is best stage for happinness. Other believe that in life a person can enjoy more happiness in other stages of life. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

    Human beings passes through several phases of life and try to survive in the social environment. Some people argue that beginning stage of life is best; whereas, others are of opinion that other phases of life such as adulthood is more suitable and enjoyable. Prior to my inclination, both the perspectives are discussed in the ensuing paragraphs.

    It is certainly true that childhood is most joyful part of anyone’s life as it offers several benefits and ease in life, as this argument claim by some people. Typically, children do not have to earn to feed their family and they are free to play several games and enjoy their life. The different wishes of off-spring are fulfilled by their guardians such as toys, chocolates and other things as they need. Furthermore, toddlers are being loved by their relatives as they are attractive and innocent kids. Hence, they get love and praise by people and they feel happy about it. Additionally, pupils get chance to understand the whole world by help of their vision and education in school. Because they love to learn different and especially new concepts about life, science and surroundings. Thus, they like to widen their horizon and play significant role in their optimistic growth.

    On the other hand, a group of individuals believe that others stages of life such as teenage, middle-age and old-age bring more happiness. The reason behind is that they are independent and have the maturity to understand the meaning of life. For instance, so many adults have the dream to become something great in life like doctor, engineer, physicist or other profession, according to their respective field. Moreover, experienced person has better understanding and more opportunities as they are mature and well aware about different things and notions. There is no doubt that they are free to travel different parts of world and do such things that children are restricted to it. In addition, sometimes, pupils faces different problems such as bullying and inferiority complex, but this serious issue is very rare in case of adults as they are more civilized and with open-mind thinking.

    To conclude with my opinion, although living as adults is much more challenging, undoubtedly majority of them find satisfaction in their life to chase their dreams. I believe adhulthood is more enjoyable than childhood as per my notion.

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