IELTS Writing task 2 (Advantage / Disadvantage Essay​)

People are encouraged to get rid of things to get the newest fashion and the latest technology. 

Do the disadvantages of a throwaway society outweigh economic advantages?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




It is irrefutable that consumerism is promoted in many nations of the world. This essay intends to analyse the positive and negative effects of use-and-throw culture. I personally believe that the disadvantages outstrip the advantages. 

On the positive side, consumerism leads to mass production, which is something good for the employment sector. Mass manufacturing definitely leads to mass employment. This is undoubtedly beneficial for the overall economy of the country. Furthermore, because of consumerism, people get choices. When there is demand, more and more manufactures come into the market. For instance, about two decades ago, there was only Kissan tomato ketchup in the market; but today we have Maggi, Heinz, Del Monte and many other variants of tomato ketchups in the market. 

On the downside, consumerism promotes a use-and-throw culture, which is very bad for the environment. There is a lot of rubbish generated because of excessive consumerism. Unnecessary packaging is also done to make these goods appealing to the eye. Often, this rubbish is not decomposed and ends up in rivers and waterways. This is definitely harmful to the environment. 

Secondly, consumerism makes people workaholic to afford these products. This workaholism makes them forget to draw a line between work and leisure and also between work and family. The desires never end, and consequently, over-working becomes a part of life. This leads to stress and strain in life. Another negative point is that when children or youngsters are lured by these things and their parents cannot afford them, then they resort to petty crime as pick-pocketing, chin snatching which is certainly not good for any society. 

To sum up, consumerism had both merits and demerits, but the cons are definitely more than pros. 

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  1. Question:
    Some people advocate the death penalty for those who committed violent crimes. Others say that capital punishment is unacceptable in contemporary society.Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty and give your opinion.

    Many people strongly believe that poeple who commit violent crimes should be awarded a death penalty. Others disagree arguing that a death penalty is an unacceptable punishment in the contemporary society. I believe the latter, since a death penalty is a gruesome punishment and everyone should be given a second chance.

    Although people comitting violent crimes should be punished harshly, death penalty should be the last virtual option in hand. It should be avoided at all costs. Everyone has an innate capability to change and death penalty strips them off the chance to turn their life around. For example, a person who committed a violent crime due to reasons beyond their control, often utilize their time in jail and become a kind and well behaved person. They get some time to realize their mistake and try to make amendments.

    However, there are certain so-called advantages of a death penalty. It does not allow criminals to relapse into their previous life and become a menace to the society once they are out of jail. For example, a murderer may not have let go of their past life and would go on murdering people once they have served their sentence in jail. This could be devastating for the society. Instead, if they were given a death sentence, there would be a null chance of this happening.

    In conclusion, even though there are some positives for advocating a death penalty, I feel that these are far-fetched and it is much more likely that these criminals may have a change of heart. So, giving them a second chance is essential and hence, capital punishment should be highly condemnable in the contemporary society.

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