IELTS Writing task 2 (Causes and Solution Essay)

Natural resources such as oil and fresh water are being consumed at an alarming rate.

What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.




The time has come for international soul-searching about the environment. The industrial revolution has changed the relationship between humanity and nature. In this essay, I intend to explore the problems caused by the increased consumption of oil, forests and freshwater and suggest some solutions.

Talking about oil first, it is well known that oil is non-renewable and so will finish very soon. Pollution is another problem that is caused by the use of oil. Oil is used in vehicles, industries and homes. Simple measures can be taken to lessen its use. At the individual level, we can use more public transport; we can make lifestyle changes and use fewer luxuries. At the government level, people can be educated. More effort can be done to research an alternative source of energy. 

Secondly, water, especially fresh water, is another big area of concern. There can be no life without water. Water is the most precious commodity today. Fresh water resources are depleting fast. At an individual level, we should use water conservatively and recycle water wherever possible. At the government level, desalination plants can be set. Strict laws can be enforced for industries against the pollution of fresh water by effluents. 

Finally, because of deforestation, many animals and plans, which provide us with food, medicine and other valuable products, are facing extinction. We have less bio-diversity also. Moreover, when trees are cut, the soil is exposed to heavy rain and so in washed away. The soil also becomes infertile. Also, trees absorb carbon dioxide, which causes global warming. If there are no trees, there will be an increase in greenhouse gases and this would not be good for our environment. Afforestation should be promoted as a solution.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that oil, forests and fresh water are very necessary if we have to survive. So we should use them judiciously, else our future is bleak. 

320 words.

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  1. Question
    Developed and developing countries have created many environmental problems in the world, particularly in their contribution to global warming. what can be done to reduce the danger of global warming

    In this globalized world a serious concern has increasing day by day known as global warming .It affects human as well as environment in many ways .This essay will discuss about root of it and how can government and people can handle this problem.

    First off all the main reason of climate change is pollution many factories expels harmful gases such as carbon di oxide and methane directly into the atmosphere, later these gas influence the temperature of planet. Additionally another factor of these issue is deforestation, forest and trees act as a carbon di oxide absorber but human are clearing forest land for farming ,infrastructure and to sell products made up of wood. When vegetation removed the gas absorbed by tree released again to the environment which contribute in global warming. Moreover, burning of fossil fuel is also leads to global warming for instance many developed countries comprises large number of automobiles which leads to heavy usage of fuels which causes pollution and further give rise to global warming.

    To solve this serious topic government can organise awareness campaigns to highlights this situation created by peoples and to take action as soon as possible to deal with long term impacts. However first step is to take care of environment and we need more and more sources to absorb green house gas. starting tree planting or Afforestation can help to very large extent as they are natural sink for these harmful elements. Furthermore, we can switch to renewable source of energy to reduce effects made by fuels.

    To conclude, global warming is serious threat government can take different solution to solve .It is not only duty of government but also of every person. The main factor causing global warming are pollution ,emission of green house gases and lack of vegetation .

  2. A number of people claimed that there is a huge invisible restriction between the wealthy and the poor due to the high levels of inequality. While the problems that result are complex, fundamental solutions will be adopted to tackle this problem. There are two main causes involved, and adverse effects on this curtail, which will be discussed in this essay.

    There are two main reasons why this gap is becoming wider. Firstly, the poor are inability to afford the fees such as education, medical, and other forms type of fees. Nevertheless, the prosperous can absolutely pay for these fees due to the fact they have good financial condition consequently they allow their children to attend the best school with expensive tuition and enjoy the VIP tour. Secondly, the poor are lacking of practical knowledge and hand-on experience consequently they cannot invest in business effectively or borrow money to open a tiny coffee shop to address financial problems.

    There are potential ways to solve these problems, or at least reduce the effects. The government shall apply highly taxes on the prosperous and use these taxes to create welfare for the poor. The Authority will open free classes for the poor to provide them soft skills and broaden their horizon. In addition, they also shall provide financial support to facilitate poor people and create more jobs with a salary that can meet the basic needs such as food and accommodation.

    In conclusion, although these mentioned solutions could tackle a little of the problems. The rich and poor will give more practical solutions to address these problems.

  3. Natural resources such as oil and fresh water are being consumed at an alarming rate.
    What problems does it cause? How can we solve these problems?
    Natural resources are essential and the basis for economy and survival. It is also an undeniable fact that its consumption is increasing at an alarming rate and casing numerous problems. This essay will emphasize primary problems that will be faced with the exhaustion of fresh water and crude oils. Also possible solutions to solve them.
    Firstly, water is the basic need for every living being. Although fresh water is a renewable resource, the sources of water are being demolished by the human activities such as deforestation. Without water the ecosystem would collapse. People will run out of drinking water, leading to deadly diseases like dehydration, water-borne illnesses and typhoid.
    Secondly, crude oils are most crucial for the civilization to exist as we know it is. It is the major source for generation of petroleum, deasil and several fossil fuels. Which are used in vehicles, for electricity and food productions. The world literally runs with these products. Hence, with the absence of such an essential resource, several the basic needs of human life will be difficult to fulfill.
    In order to keep the fresh water resource intact, people must stop the extensive deforestation which is already wide spread and expand the green lands as much as possible. Also, to lessen oil consumption, alternate ways are available such as, solar panels, wind mills for generating power. Government needs to promote these renewable resources and educate people with the advantages for better their usage.
    To conclude, to save these vital natural resources from exhaustion as well as the life on the planet, humans need to consider other renewable options wherever possible.

  4. Natural resources have been always our prominent source for living, although it has been recently surveyed that humankind’s consumption of them are dramatically high which is cause for problems discussed below.
    In this contemporary epoch , the population is surging consequently leads to consume sharply the resources including water and oil.Over population means imbalance chain of replacing the sources utilized ,meanwhile exhausting or limiting sources will subsequently culminate to disasters;chaos and rebel.The fear of affording basis ill stimulate society to fight for survival,as result war undoubtedly will happen.For instance, the illustrations of future in some media,the 100 series, alarm the human whether be careful about overconsumption or take risk danger world.
    Number of key solutions could prevent the mentioned problems in future which necessitates corporation of the public and the government.To start with the government,the observation on utilizing the sources would be their main responsibility ;the more restrictive rules the more saving sources, as well as, disseminates awareness which comprises depicting the future world and the repercussion of uncontrolled usage.Turning to people, it is deemed that monitoring the consumption is undoubtedly the authorities duty,although humankind should consider this discipline too for more constructive results.additionally,several plans for lucrative devising of facilities that assist to sustain in this our sole planet longer ;to clarify, amenities can reproduce fresh water from consumed one or invent the plethora of other renewable sources for oil to be superseded.
    In conclusion, looming obstacles of consuming the sources will sooner or later emerge,unless the plausible prevention would be incurred.

  5. When world is moving to its pace, uses of nonrenewable energy sources rises with every passing day. In this contemporary epoch utilisation of natural resources like oil and pure water are incline. Upcoming paragraphs would dive deeper disclosing my viewpoint
    To embark upon , despite of advancement, role of non-renewable energy sources in people life can not be ignored. First and foremost point that is worth mentioning here is that, as population change speedily, obligation of human also change in same ways. To corroborate,nowadays they want more sources with view to fulfill their personal demand . Consequently they consume more water and air as compare to past . which will further result to vanished of these sources. To demonstrate, a survey conducted by World Health Organization allocate the data in 2012 uses of natural resources in Asian countries increase by 10% because of increase in population. Apart from this one more factor is proliferating which hold this issue to the next level is that, oil and pure water both are fundamental requirement of modern world. No person can live until they do not consume fresh water. IT not only help to feel fresh but also help in holistic development of body . therefore, people inhale these sources more.
    Moving further, to nip the problem in the bud, there are number of solution. Firstly, if human use alternate sources rather than conventional sources, chance of deminish these sources excarbate a lot. To eloborate, when other sources get popularity, conversation sources will be save from jeopardy. As dearth of these sources are main stumbling block behind the advancement of global, by choosing other sources this problem will be ameliorate. Besides this, it is accountability of higher authority to conduct some seminar so that more people cognizant about repercussions of vanished natural resources. Due to this people limit their threshold whether they are rich or privileged. For example a by arrange some seminar in Western nations consumption of these sources alleviate. It is praiseworthy step for mankind. Thus the more the awareness of remification, the less will be the utilisation.
    In compendium,I would like to ingeminate that ,although increasing population and prominence of these sources are main reasons of over consumption, it would be curb by alternative sources as well as with alerness .

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