IELTS Writing task 2(Advantage / Disadvantage Essay)

Because of the global economy, many goods including what we use as daily basics produced by other countries have to be transported for a long distance. 

To what extent do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.

Writing Format of Advantage/ Disadvantage Essay
    1. Introduction:  Paraphrase + your opinion
    2. Main Paragraph 1: Advantages with example.
    3. Main Paragraph 2: Disadvantages with example.
    4. Conclusion: Summaries your argument




Globalisation has converted the world into a global village, where everything is connected to everything. As a result, countries are able to transport the daily essential goods over a long distance. But there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with this topic. In my opinion, the positive aspects take precedence over the drawbacks.

There are many positive sides to transporting goods over a long distance. First off, it gives us a variety of options to choose from a specific product like foods, clothes even also medicines. For example, about ten years ago we hardly saw any cherimoya fruit, which is mainly from South Africa. But, nowadays, we can find it in every fruit store. Additionally, transportation of goods creates employment in this sector. The business can expand globally, as a result, it helps to increase the countries economic growth.

On the other hand, there are few downsides to transporting goods over a long distance. Due to the easy transportation facility, the multinational companies and brands are entering the markets, and day by day it is getting tougher for small bands to operate in local markets. Another major disadvantage is the pollution caused by the exhausted flames by trucks, ships, and aircraft. They cross thousands of miles to transport goods from one country to another, it increases the environmental pollutions. Even nowadays we can hear the news as oil carrier ships crashed into the sea, and thousands of gallons of oil floating over the water, which kind of affects the ecological system.

To conclude, although there are a few disadvantages regarding the transportation of essential goods, there are a plethora of advantages that outweigh the disadvantages.


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  1. In this modern era,computers are playing a significant role as a part of school lessons.The two main merits are instantly get information and access to free classes; however,the two main demerits are distract pupils and influence them to watch sort of videos This essay will discuss pros and cons. First of all,pupils can get instant access on any information regarding their studies,likewise,they can Make their assignments by searching information on that topic ln addition to it, if, pupils do not understand any topic then they can access to any online tutor free of cost,also ,they helps in solving the problems of learners in their subject area.BI’JUS ;for example, helping students to solve their confusions in their area. On the contrary where, computers are helping children in their studies, therefore children are becoming addicted, as, they spend most of their time on it. As well as, it also distracting thom from studies. It addition to it, children are being influenced to watch sort of videos on interence . They got more addicted for playing games online.
    For example; pubg game is played more by today’s generation online.

    To recapitulate it, although, we cannot deny that efficient is element is played by computer for making bright factors how ever , it also demolishing their coming future. therefore it’s merits are provided instant access and free online Dosses , but demerits are pupils become addicted to it and distract them from studies.

    1. In today’s world, private companies rather than government pay for and carry out most scientific research. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

      In this contemporary world, almost all problems of people are terminated by the science. So it plays an indispensable role in human life as it helps to improve our lifestyle. Nowadays, most of the scientific researches are  operated by private companies inspite of government ,and in my perception, the benefits surpass  the drawbacks as it has  numerous merits.

      The first and foremost reward is that, generally private companies give more focus to foster scientific research;  however, government of the nation has more interest  towards their local issue. Therefore, authorities often provides less amount of money to explore science, hence private organization could conduct research in a better way then the government. Besides this, private companies give more liberty to their workers in comparison of higher authorities.  To elaborate government always want to conduct research which
      has  popularity, and they became nonchalant when it comes to non popular researches.

      Another plus point is that, if government runs that kind of researches, nepotism could be observed.  Unscrupulous leaders could take the advantage of power easily. Whereas it is not applicable to private companies when it comes to admission, they give more priority to skill rather than other angle. Apart from this, private organization provides good amount of remuneration than the government companies, so scientist who will gets well salary , could perform by more motivation.

      To conclude, although government based companies have some similar feature as private companies, I believe that it is totally beneficial to science world if more private organization conduct scientific research.

  2. With the advent of globalization, many countries take advantage and import all necessary gods from overseas for the local consumers. Although this modern trend provides potential benefits for local customers, in my perspective it is at the same time carries hidden drawbacks for the environment and local market.
    Proponents of this trend often point to the countless merits associated with the shipping valubles. First of all, certain products could not de produced in some countries, due to the lack of industrial facilities or weather conditions. So with the well-developed transport system citizens of north countries have opportunity to taste exotic fruits and meals. Furthermore, outsourcing some valuable goods in the Third World countries, where the labor work and raw materials are cheap is quite beneficial for both developed and poor republics. This is lead to the growth of developed countries market, while at the same time creates more job places in developing and undeveloped countries. For example, nowadays the majority of planet dwellers could afford to buy Chinese t-shirt or Indian jeans, regardless of consumer socioeconomic status, while at the same time helping the economy of these countries to develop their industrial facilities and create more jobs.
    Nevertheless, consider some positive details listed above, the drawbacks of transporting valuable items from other countries are enormous. To begin with, shipping valuables from overseas could hit local industries, if the imported goods cost less than local ones, it will forcing local producers to relocate their businesses to neighbor country, ultimately leading to mass unemployment among the labor workers. Secondly, transportation of various goods requires burning fossil fuels, which pollute air and increase global temperatures. It is proved by numerous studies that toxic fumes from the jet engine and tracks are chief contributors to hastening climate change, not to mention that unrecycled wastage from gasoline production often en-up in natural water resources and injures marine life.
    In conclusion, despite some tangible benefits of shipping valuables from other countries, this trend at the same time comes to society at a large environmental and social cost. So, in my point of view, the adverse ramifications of importing overseas products outweigh the positive development, therefore it is essential for both the government and private corporation to maintain the balance between local and foreign products consumption.

  3. In recent years purchasing products from distant countries has become easier than ever. Not only that big companies can now import a large amount of goods, but with the advance of technology, ordering goods is now available and much more affordable for the common people, which as result, increased the amount of produce transportation worldwide. In this article I will cover some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing products from other countries and their transportation.

    The main and most obvious disadvantage in importing goods from other countries is harming the local economy.
    As a customer I would definitely prefer to pay less for the same product, so if the product I want is cheaper in China than it is in my country, then without a doubt I would buy it from China.
    Since most people would probably choose this approach, in the best case scenario, it may cause local factories and companies to lose some money, or in worst case go bankrupt, which as result will cause workers to lose their jobs and stability.
    Furthermore, not only the long transportation using airplanes and ships causes an environmental pollution by burning an incredible amount of fuel, but the paper and plastic packages for wrapping up the goods damage the environment as well.

    However, the most significant advantage of global economy is that it allows competition between companies worldwide and actively prevents the creation of monopolies. Companies can no longer set outrageous prices for their products, as with the advance of technology and global economy, one can now easily compare products, prices, weigh the pros and cons and reach an educated decision, based on all the data he found, to buy the product that best suits his needs and is no longer tied to a small selection of a few local companies as it was in the past.

    In my humble opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages since the advantages affect all of us as consumers, even so, the downsides should not be ignored. I believe that some of the disadvantages could be solved by setting up some rules and regulations to encourage the citizens to buy local, such as a tax reduction incentive for for whoever buys locally. This way the government can support the local industry, decrease the amount of shipped goods while not hurting us as customers.

  4. Do you agree that the advantages cars bring outweigh the disadvantages?
    Using cars has been becoming increasingly common in recent years. Although I think that it maintains some obvious harmful consequences, I strongly believe that
    the advantages of the car can outweigh its disadvantages.
    On the one hand, owning cars has a significant influence on the environment. The first reason is that the growth in travelling by car can lead to a rise in pollution,
    traffic jams, and accidents. More cars are likely to result in rocketing rate of pollution. Secondly, our dependence on cars can lead to decrease in practices,
    such as walking and cycling. People may have a higher chance of carrying more potential health risks like obesity and heart attack.
    On the other hand, there are many reasons why people prefer to own cars. Firstly, it provides people with the freedom of movement. The ease of transportation
    which a car brings is significant than any other form of vehicles. For example, you can go from a destination to another destination and no time is
    wasted waiting for the bus or train. Therefore, time and distance are not barriers anymore. Secondly, personal cars can give comfort while travelling compared to
    the public transports which are so crowded and disgusting. For instance, you can read books, listen to your favourite songs or even play with kids while you are in
    your own car but all seems to be impossible on a public transport. Finally, families can go together. This becomes especially helpful when there are elderly,
    the disabled or even sick members in the families.
    In conclusion, having a car can lead to a few obvious problems, but I believe that owning a car is the best choice and the benefits that it brings about can outshine its

  5. Most of the people across globe using internet services gain information of their surrounding. However, print book and newspaper therefore no longer any need. I agree with this perception.

    To begin with, Contemporary world need gadgets to gain information on daily bases because people do not have enough time to read long news paper as wellas, print books. To exemplify, people are running across the world are running across the world to deal with their issues in between then if they need any information people can easily access internet to find their solution, it does not take time or money. Moreover, Internet has all the statistics of the world and information are available of every region.

    In addition, having a information about only particular period in book as well as , in newspaper they give limited information. For example, Indian books has limited information about current situation of Country not only, books , news papers only give statistics of particular day. While, Internet have early and future projection also to give much more accurate graph of situation to provide reliable information .Books and news papers are no longer be part of information. sector they provide they only provide overview of situation .

    In conclusion, nowdays internet provide much more genuine news instead of, news paper and print books, whereas, print books and news papers are now part of entertainment industry.

  6. Globalisation has brought us closer to the products manufactured by other countries. These goods, including our daily essentials, has reached all corners of the world as they involve an extensive transportation network. It brings about some benefits as well as few challenges. In my opinion, the positive aspects outweigh the negatives.

    On the one hand, with the prevalence of international trade, there has been easy access to goods and services that would not be available else. The consumers are offered a wide range of products, and further, they benefit from the varied customisations. Consequently, customers can make comparisons between products and purchase suitable goods. It also presents an opportunity to countries that lack the resources to produce or manufacture their goods. For instance, a majority of the world’s rice comes from Asia, and without the global market, individuals in other parts of the earth may lack access to the rice. Furthermore, countries that are dependent on their agricultural background, or industrialisation, can benefit from exports for which an international market is essential.

    On the other hand, delivery charges for transporting the goods increase the cost of the product. Additionally, the goods can be damaged in transit, and the manufacturer or shipping agent may have to bear the loss. Another noteworthy point here is that increasing imports may burden the economy. Although these disadvantages act as a risk factor, the benefits extending to the consumers are innumerable.

    In conclusion, while globalisation raises challenges such as high prices and imports, the advantages like access to quality materials, and a wide range of products seem worthy in the long run.

  7. Nowadays, many daily necessities we are using are not produced by our own country. They are shipped overseas. In this essay, illustrations will be given to explain why the advantages can overcome the disadvantages.

    To commence with, the cost of shipping products overseas is expensive. The cost is not only based on the amount of money, but is also reflecting on the environmental perspective. Fossil fuel or petrol are using as the source of moving ships and plans. Due to the buring of fossil fuel and petrol, toxic gases and carbon dioxide, which also known as global warming gases, will be released to the air and pollute the environment. These global warming gases are one of the causes of climite change. A news from the National Geographic society reported that a new ocean near Sourth Pole was discovered because of the warmer weather.

    Despite the fact that it is devastating the Earth, there are some benefits. Firstly, some food, such as rice, may not be possible to plant in any places but it is highly important for people who are in famine. With the help of global transporation, they can have sufficient food to eat. Besides, some countries are relatively small, which cannot produce adequate food for every citizens. Receiving from foreigners is a possible solution. Furthermore, due to the growth of technology, scientists are discovering different sources to reduce the pollution resulting from the fossil fuel, hydrogen gas is one of them. Consequently, the side effects are diminishing day by day.

    To conclude, although there are negative effects in moving goods from place to place, it is worthy of sending them to people who are in poverty and lacking of food. Both scientists and us should pay more attentions on using those daily necessities properly.

  8. Vijesh Mundokalam

    Now a day many people want to buy famous brands of clothes, cars and other items. what are the reasons for this do you think it is a positive and a negative development?

    In these days most crowd tends to buy highly reputed goods like apparels, motor cars and other luxurious things. The core migration to this trend is the quality and social prestige. I believe it forecasts a negative impact on the individuals in affording and subsequently warns the society in possessing.

    Firstly, the fundamental cause is the product quality which attracts every individual to buy such luxurious items. Moreover, durability is the greatest concern, that most crowd peeks-out before any purchase. In addition, robust usage of such objects can be lasted for more than expected. For instance, Apple MAC has greatest rate of sales growth in all countries irrespective of their economic standards. Secondly, social stigma in availing branded things can be a point of prestige and source of prosperity. Furthermore, the professional status of a person is connected by procuring and using as a daily part of their life. For example, a business legend using Mercedes Benz for his routine office visits marks a significant impression among the employees.

    Despite of having social branded life, it draws a negative impression among the individuals especially youngsters who easily gets lured in such items irrespective to their financial standard. As a result, they indulge into illegal methods in due course of possessing luxurious branded life which may turn them to criminals. Moreover, individuals who have criminal record finds less recognition in getting a job and they may ruin their life by practicing more evil professions. To illustrate, southern Asian countries had reported more than 60% percent criminals had their first arrest in attempts of getting branded products.

    To conclude, many people use luxurious products for their show off status and quality outrage in the community. This draws a false impression among individuals in the process of procuring by various attempts which harm the society.

  9. Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

    In case of home tutoring, kids can be at ace and more comfortable in learning.

    Mainly if they are facing some physical issues regarding their health. For example, if the kid is physically challenged or mentally retarded they can be kept safe and also educated with the help of parents. In some other cases, few kids tend to concentrate more at a familiar surrounding than at strange or entirely new places.

    These were the best choices for the traditional method of teaching but with time many change and so has the teaching procedures.

    In the modern world, just educational knowledge is insufficient but should be incorporated with general knowledge too, like communicating with others formally and informally. Making friends, making life decisions, etc. These can be achieved when interacting with people other than parents.

    School plays an important role in the modern lifestyle, they ease the learning method in many interesting ways.Kids going to school tend to be smarter than the once educated at home. Some parts of the syllabus cannot be explained by the parent or the tutor but at school, there are many teachers whom the kids can approach. Children make new friends at school, interact more which can improve their soft skills and can improve maintain their behavior with the rules and regulations mandated for all in school. For example, all kids have to wear a common uniform which also teaches what equality means. To conclude Its important for kids to be educated the means of getting them educated can vary from one’s perspective.

  10. Globalization has impacted the world in many ways. Today, we are connected with other countries more than ever before. Importing products into country is one such outcome of this phenomenon. From basic items to expensive ones, most of it are produced in different countries. The process of importing goods certainly has advantages but it also has its demerits too. In this essay, I will outline some of the aspects of the same and finally, give my standpoint on this topic.
    To start with, basic imported items are much cheaper than local items. For example, In India the lightings imported from China during Diwali festival are much affordable than the Indian make. This is due to lack of mass production skills in local industries. Also, there are various technologies which are well developed in western countries such as electronics. Countries which don’t have infrastructure to build an ecosystem to develop such advance electronic items, have no option other than import. This keeps them up to date with the current standards and improves their overall social status.
    On the other hand, using local products could have an impact on the country’s market. Importing effects the country’s foreign trade index which increases the overall market inflation. In addition to that, local goods are easily accessible compared to foreign goods which are shipped from long distance. Using more local products will increase the overall demand in the market which will eventually increase the employment in the local industries and hence improves the economy of the country.
    In conclusion, importing more goods could affect the country’s economy in a negative way but it brings the affordability to products. Creating awareness among people regarding usage of local items and investing in education and local industry infrastructure, importing can be reduced to essential items.

  11. In the current economic status of the world, many things such as daily commodities, have to be imported from other countries through long routes. The benefits of this process to local people will be far more important than some minor drawbacks it could result in.

    Firstly, one of the major negative aspects of importing goods over large distances is that the insurance cost that accumulates on the price of the product. As most of the items are transported in sea freights, it carries a high risk of being damaged or lost. Therefore, it incur high charges for insurance on the products. Consequently, this insurance cost will be reflected on the end price at the market, which will be an additional cost for the end customer, even if he does not request the item to be shipped from overseas.

    Nevertheless, despite the basic disadvantage above, importing goods from other countries have several valuable benefits. The most important one is citizens will be able to buy the products with a price far less than that of a similar product, which was made locally. Since some countries such as China and India have a less cost of labor, such countries are able to manufacture goods with a less expense. As a result, the end consumers in other countries would not need to worry about manufacturing cost, and they will be able to purchase finished products with a cheaper price, even if they needed to pay insurance and freight charges. Another positive aspect of this is that people can use products which have been manufactured with a specific technical specialization. For example, some people prefer to buy some mechanical products, such as hardware tools, from Germany rather than from China, having the expectation that Germany may have better technologies and craftsmanship for such items. Accordingly, despite the distance factor, countries choose a manufacturer who has the better workmanship for producing goods, which ultimately be advantageous for the consumers.

    This summarizes to logically conclude that the advantages of importing daily used items from overseas are more significant than the minor problems it can cause.

  12. Because of the global economy , many goods including what we use as daily basics produced in other countries have to be transported for a long distance. To what extent do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages ?
    It is irrefutable that the whole world has become a global village. Now, mostly all the things which are used by us everyday are manufactured in other parts of the world and are transported over a long distance. This phenomenon has some cons but I believe that its pros are much more than that ,which I intend to discuss in the upcoming paragraphs.
    There are the negative effects of such a trend; especially on the environment. When the products are imported or exported, it adds to the air pollution.For example, by any means- rail, road or air- the exhausted fumes of the vehicles spread in the air leading to the pollution. Apart from it, such things are exorbitant to buy because the overall price of these include various taxes while transporting them such as GST (goods and services tax),which all make it unreachable from the pocket of common man.Therefore, it is seen as the non-advantageous process.
    However, there are numerous benefits of this trend.The first and foremost is that it gives people choices. For instance, KB fruit which could only be found in the Newzealand a few decades ago, can now be seen at every fruit stand in almost all over the world. Similarly, previously we had only Bata and carona – the renowned shoe brands -to choose from while now, the market is flooded with many more -Addidas, Nike,Woodland -to name a few.Furthermore, quality is guaranteed by these products along with the durability.These items have to go through the quality tests while transporting. The reputation of the organisations,which manufacture them;is at stake,so they hardly use any material of inferior quality.
    Besides this, it would also solve the problem of unemployment.To illustrate, When the multinational companies do this business of transporting goods to another nations ,they need to recruit employees for it.Hence, it would alleviate one of the biggest problem the whole world is facing today.
    To conclude, although there are some repercussions of transporting goods over long distances,yet I believe its benefits far outnumber its drawbacks.

    1. Countries are becoming similar more and more because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world.
      Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
      Ans: Countries are becoming similar has become an integral part of the rising debate in the present world. While proponents of the arguments are in, however, the opponents are completely against the relevance of countries are becoming more similar.
      To commence with, there are a number of arguments in approval of my belief. The most prominent one is that when people are buying the same products their creation of online job opportunities and, it is helping to increase the per capita income of the country. According to the research conducted by western Sydney university, it helps to complete the sustainable development goal which is no poverty and zero hunger etc. Secondly, it increases the development indices of the country.
      On the other hand, critics may point out that one of the most significant disadvantages of the countries becoming similar is that when people can buy the same product disappeared of the cultural, historical and ancient based products of the country. For instance, a survey conducted in the states reveals that handicrafts and low-cost products are replaced by high-quality and modern technology using products. Therefore, small industries are undeveloped.
      To conclude, even when there are a lot of demerits connected with countries becoming similar, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and countries becoming similar has become a crucial part of today’s globe. Therefore, the efficient use of countries becoming similar should be condemned.

  13. One of the marketplace globalization’s most visible effects were the transportation of foreign goods, including living necessities, across country borders, before reaching a nation’s domestic consumers. While most people advocate against this economy, the transportation of goods still possess huge benefits.

    The biggest advantage of importing international products lies in the diversification of the market. That is to say, it regales consumers with a plethora of different products, with diverse origins and distinct qualities, so as they can opt for what suits their needs. For example, those in search of soy sauce can select from Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese soy sauce, depending on which taste they prefer. A lack of product diversity, hence lack of some customers’ grocery choice, is doomed to lower their satisfaction. Not to mention, certain countries excel more in a line of products than other countries, for example kitchen utensils, so a globalized economy introduce potential buyers to more high-quality products.

    The primary concern, however, is the environmental ramifications of long-distance transportation. As the more we use vehicles, the more energy is consumed, and more carbon dioxide is emitted. While the issue is not to be neglected, it is unreasonably used to unjustify the thrive of the cross-national economy, because even without its existence, domestic transportation of goods still occur and have the same influences. Yet, as eco-friendly energy sources for vehicles are increasingly being taken into consideration, the disadvantage is very likely to be eradicated in the future, and outweighed by the advantages.

    Generally speaking, globalization appears to be, for the most part, a beneficial movement to the growth of the consumers’ market. By looking for effective solutions for some drawbacks, the global economy can perfect itself to flourish and render buyers their best purchase.

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