IELTS Writing task 2(Discussion Essay)

Some people think that cultural traditions may be destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others believe it is the only way to save these traditions. 

Discuss both sides and give your opinion.


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Write at least 250 words.

Writing Format of Discussion Essay
    1. Introduction:  Paraphrase + your opinion
    2. Main Paragraph 1: Discuss the first view + example
    3. Main Paragraph 2: Discuss the second view + example
    4. Conclusion: Summaries your argument




Almost every country around the world presenting their cultural traditions to attract tourists. It is the belief of some individuals, that these may be destroyed if they are modified to attract tourists, on the other hand, some believe, it is the single way to protect the cultural traditions from dying. I, personally side with the first view.

Among various tourists attractions, cultural traditions are one of the most important attraction which drives lots of visitors from overseas in a country. By tourism, a country can boost its economic growth as well as they will be able to spread their culture in the world. However, to attract more visitors, sometimes local artists make simple changes so that they can earn more money from their arts. Thus, the cultural traditions keep getting modified little by little, and soon these traditions will lose their original forms. As a result, these will disappear altogether.

On the other hand, Tourism is the backbone of any country’s economy and every country does its effort to attract tourists. Tourism can help a nation to develop and represent themselves. If our artists and artisans do not earn money from their art, which depicts our culture and tradition, then this art will die off automatically. Sometimes the presentation of art is very important to attract visitors and to present nicely simple changes are also essential.

To conclude, I believe, protecting the cultural traditions are very crucial for a country, and without presenting any modified cultural traditions, every country should represent its authentic form of culture to the world.


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  1. There is a belief that cultural traditions may be changed slightly or more if they are used to make money for tourists. On the other hand this belief may be argued by other followers who think it is the only way to save these traditions altogether to deliver it to next generation.
    Cultural traditions that include food traditions, clothing, handcrafts and many other things differ one nation from another. And this difference awakes true interest for those who are keen on learning something new that boosts tourism of a country. However, mutual cooperation among two or more cultures may influence on each other and somehow alter them as well. Market demand based on tourists’ interest may inspire craftmen or cuisine workers to learn new approaches and change slightly their own traditional recipes that may lead to common trend as well as alteration of authentic tradition. Consequently these changes can reduce tourists’ attention as they will have no unique culture in its own way.
    On the other hand, tourism may boost interest of cultural traditions on money basis, as proper funding keeps culture workers to create on their field even more intensively. Funding may help to alive some forgotten fields of traditional culture as well as create a new branch of culture that enriches the culture of a nation as well. There is no doubt, traditional culture was developed throughout years and centuries influencing on traditions of related nations.

    To sum up above mentioned one thing must be learned for sure, traditional culture is important part of every nation and being unique in its own way it remains attractive for others. However, every culture is alive with serving to people and will be soon forgotten without conveying it in proper way.

    1. There are lot of countries in the world and every country has their own culture and traditions . And every country perform their best to save and spread their cultural traditions .Cultural traditions include dresses, foods, handcrafts and many more.
      Cultural traditions are used to attract tourists from different-different countries but some people think that cultural traditions may be destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists while others believe it is the only way to save traditions . I’m disagree with people who thinks that cultural traditions demolished when they are used to draw the attention of tourists for making money . In my opinion it is the only way by which we can protect our culture because the new generation is moving towards western culture. They want to opt the western culture. As when the young generation see foreigners wearing their cultural clothes and appreciating their handcrafts they will feel proud and try to to follow their own traditions.
      Moreover tourism is the backbone of every country by which they can boost their GDP and more GDP leads to the richness and development of a particular country. And Every developed country attracts a lot of students to study which only benifits the people of the country.
      So, the conclusion is ,use of cultural traditions to attract tourists for making money does not leads to the destruction of the traditions but it only leads to the enhancement. Tourism only helps the country to develop which only provides benifits to the people of the country.

  2. Many countries used their cultural tradition to attract visitors in to their countries and this development has resulted into different reactions from people as some individuals believe that, this occurrence can lead to the loss of the tradition while other people think that this is the best way to preserve it. This essay will examine both views and discuss it position in this regard.
    To start with, many people argued that utilizing culture to earn money may gradually lead to its death. Obviously, in order to entice visitors who travel from different counties to have a view of it, there would be some modifications which will definitely alter the original form of this culture and subsequent increase in changes may drive the tradition to its end. For instance, a survey by a tourism expert showed that 75% of tradition employed as a tourist centers are now fading away. Based on this, depending on culture as a money making tool may cause people to lose its existence.
    On the other hand, some individuals claimed that this development may help to boost the economy growth of a nation. Evidently, the influx of visitors into the country will boost the sales of some products in the country which in turn country contributes positively to the financial status of the society. For illustration, a research conducted by a student from University of Lagos, Mr. Akinleye Ige, revealed that 92% of wealthy nations make their money through tourism. Based on this fact, it will be auspicious for societies to present their culture as a centre of attraction as it will help to have their countries developed.
    However, this essay opines that this phenomenon would be beneficial as this will help to promote their culture by making it cut across the globe. Undeniably, this will certainly impact positively on the interest people in different countries have for this particular nation and may eventually overthrow all other cultures. For example, a study by Dr. Paul okoye discovered that 65% of countries around the world has immitated the Hindu traditional mode of dressing. By and large, cultural tradition has been proved to be a powerful tool for the recognition of its country.

    In conclusion, although amplifying the changes on the tradition so as to make it more appealing for tourism is detrimental to its existence and may lead to loss of its value, the advantages this phenomenon can provide, can not be under evaluated.

  3. It is know to all that the technology and scientific advancement have made great changes to the range and quality of our food. Some people regard it as an improvement while others believe that the change is harmful. Discuss both this view and give your opinion.

    Essay starts from here:-

    In this contemporary era, due to advancement of technology crops are grown fastly with best qualities like genetically modified crops but some reckon that this effects have a good improvements; whereas, others claim that it has and adverse impact. I would like to discuss both these views in trail paragraphs with my clear position.

    To begin with, there are several positive sides of having technological and scientific advance. Foremost one is, less starving of food because farmers get much help by using this technology in fertilizers which help them to grow crops with rapids speed. Thus, developing countries do not have to face shortage of food. In addition to this, GM crop is the one type of crops on which no natural calamities effect on it. As a result, there is much possibilities of crops are not get waste. Finally, farmers can earn more money since they can grow more and more crop and they could sell it in market by using fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, consumers buy crops and farmers earn more as well as they improve their lifestyle.

    On stark contrary, there are numbers of drawbacks of technology and scientific advances on earth. Firstly, using chemicals in farm in order to grow crops owing to this it will give more output but it come up with some issues like cancer. To illustrate, according to the survey conducted by the Time Of India in which they concluded that, there had been 37% of people were suffering from cancer out of 100% and they are only because of chemicals like pesticides used in farms. As a consequence, adverse effects on human health and there might be increase in death ratio. Furthermore, if increase in consumption of chemicals. Hence, there might be in future lands will eradicate it’s natural sources and it will not be cultivated proper and stop crops production.

    In conclusion, it is inferred that, technology and scientific advancement improve crops production such as shortage of food, no wastage, earn more money ; However, I believe that, problems are very critical like cancer destroy land and many more.

  4. Some people think that cultural traditions may be destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others believe it is the only way to save these traditions.

    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    It is irrefutable that to make money nowadays people are doing anything. A strata of populace opine that cultural traditions may be vanished if they are used for earning money for attracting tourists. While ,other give counter arguments that it is the only way to preserve these traditions. However, I concur with the former view. This essay will highlight both views, prior to rendering my point of view in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    To embark with, the latterthinkt view that people should not make any alterations in order to make money. The predominant reason behind this kind of thinking is that, nowadays people just to earn some extra money do anything even they willing to change their cultural traditions to attract more and more tourists, so they can earn huge amount of money from them by altering their cultural traditions. To exemplify, people from lakshadweep previously did not allow anyone to consume alcohol in their state because it is against their traditions. But recently they changed this policy to attract tourists.

    on the other hand, some people disagreed with the given notion. They think that it not only beneficial for them but it also helps to boost nation economy. To put it in simple words, when people make any kind of alterations in their cultural traditions to make their traditions more enjoyable then tourists get more attracted toward their cultural traditions . which, ultimately help to boost their earnings. Apart from this, it also helps to increase the country’s economy through tourism.

    However, i personally believe that , it is not worthy to change precious cultural traditions just for aim of making money. So , instead of making any alterations in cultural traditions people should focus to give better environment and amenities to the tourists.

    To recapitulate this, i would like to reiterate by saying that, making alterations in cultural traditions is not a idea, there are other myriad ways to attract tourists.

  5. A growing number of individuals consider that it is not good idea to preserve animals in cages that is, in zoos .Conversely,others hold the view that it is much more beneficial for both animals as well as humans and I approve of the second opinion. In this essay,I will try to discuss the both sides of this topic with relevant examples.

    On the one hand, it is commonly believed that keeping animals in zoos is all the time detrimental for them. This is because, if animals keep in zoos,they may lose their original instinct, namely,they cannot jump,hunt and run around the neighborhood and also, freedom. Moreover,they may have a number of issues with breeding when they preserve in cages. As a result,it can lead to extinct the rare kinds of animals. For example,the white tigers disappeared because of preserving in zoo. However,a long time before, they had existed thanks to residing in natural environment. All in all, from what have been discussed above,it is appeared that zoos are not appropriate place for animals.

    On the other hand,it true that preserving animals in zoos may be a good method due to numerous positive sides. First of all,zoo’s can be a good place for animals which are on the verge of extinction. Secondly,if animals are infected with any illness,the zoo’s doctors will assist them to be healthy. Finally,the government is not in exception in order to make a profit from zoos. That is,if people come there to see animals,they have to pay the entrance fee and it would be profitable for the authority. A good illustration is that,lions are still existent with the aid of zoos and it helps them to live forever. For this reason,zoos can be helpful for animals in order to live better.

    To conclude,it is argued by some that it not a great idea to preserve animals in cages. Yet,there is a common belief that residing in zoos is more handful for both animals and inhabitants when compared with dwelling in nature atmosphere and I agree with the latter statement thanks to a plethora of upsides.

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